Flight77.info Files Opposition to Govt's Rejection of FOIA Request

Flight77.info has posted a set of the 11 documents recently filed in response to the government's rejection of their FOIA request to release the Pentagon crash footage confiscated on 9/11.

You may recall that their FOIA request was rejected saying that the release of the footage of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon would affect their 'shock and awe' tactics to be used against Zacarias Moussaoui in his sentencing phase. I recall now that this same comment was initially used to reject the FOIA request by the NY Times to release the 9/11 FDNY tapes a few months back, but was later overturned.

Hopefully Flight77.info will have better luck this time, and hopefully the NY Times FOIA request can somehow be used as a precedence now. You can check out their new filing at their website linked above.

This guy's name is Scott

This guy's name is Scott Bingham, any relation to Mark Bingham????

He spent some time at Camp Casey, wonder what he talked to Cindy about!!!

So, if I'm reading these

So, if I'm reading these documents right, the government won't release the videos because:

A. They are saving them for the trial of Massoui.

- and -

B. They can't find them.

Not one or the other, but both. Kinda strange I'd say.

no, they admitted they had a

no, they admitted they had a CD of the footage specifically.. i think the issue is what else they have that they arent aware of since their first response was that no such videos were in their records..

Really??? Its unraveling

Really??? Its unraveling like an onion! And its really starting to stink.

This guy is doing a good job, any relation to Mark Bingham do you know?

While I do not want to

While I do not want to minimize the meaning of this cat and mouse game which the govt and 911 truthers are playing with each other over the release of 911 pentagon videos, I remain dismayed that so few 911 truthers seem to grasp the importance and full meaning of the 5 video frames the government has already released.

These frames were totally ignored by the 9/11 Commission in its final report.

Even more telling, however, is the fact that the gatekeeping leaders of the 911 truth movement also ignore the smoking-gun Pentagon Video Frame evidence we already have, even when these so-called leaders are purportedly opposing the government and telling us what the government omitted from its report!


blimp, what exaclty are


what exaclty are those who do recognize those frames to do? bowman made a few statements about needing to release the whole video, and ive heard it mentioned lots of times, and i think that it is definately an issue that the 9/11 commission ignored them completely.

but what is it that the '9/11 gatekeepers' are keeping from happening? do you think if every 9/11 website out there posted the 5 frames and a link to your site on their front page that anyone would notice, or that things would change?

im not questioning your opinion, i am really just trying to understand what exactly is to be done with those 5 frames and your analysis that isnt already being done with just as important information?

i saw lots of signs that ppl did in NYC, you should make a large sign/banner and bring it to NYC, or post it on a freeway, etc.. i definately think it would be good for such a thing.

dz, there you go again,

dz, there you go again, twice no less

definitely definitely definit


just doesnt feel right..

Roger, Look, the


Look, the government's already been caught with its pants down and its 9/11 lies exposed!!! And you ask, "So, what are we to do?"

Well, we can either bring up this most damning visual evidence of government lies about 9/11 every chance we get, or we can act like master gatekeepers Kubiak, Hence, and Judge, who wish to keep people in the dark, from learning about the way we've already caught the government, red-handed, lying about 9/11!

We could also forget "the whole video"!!! We could forget that it ever was a video! Why do some of us focus on what we don't have, to the point that we have blinders on??? The first of the five frames, alone, is sufficient to prove that the government has lied to us all about (what hit the Pentagon on) 9/11! Why would any of us wait for (or look to) anything more than that before sinking our teeth into this lying-government-damning evidence (and, like a bulldog, not letting go)???

With just the first of the 5 frames alone, the lying government has conveniently, graciously, already hoist itself by its own petard. For that fact to not be a major talking point of ours is truly bizarre. (Feel free to examine the other 4 frames, and recognize the other meaningful lies which they embody/contain, but please do not become too distracted/diverted by them.)

The fact that so many of the "disciples" of (ie, people who've received much of their 911 truth from) those pedigreed gatekeepers are unaware of the full, lying-government-damning meaning of these frames just goes to show the (negative, insidious) effect of giving people a poor, incomplete education.

I recognize that the gatekeepers have done a fine job of preventing the hidden/deeper meaning of the evidence from becoming widely known. I just want people to open their eyes, both to the evidence itself, and also to how the pedigreed gatekeepers have kept it from being examined.

As with many of the aspects of 9/11, I do not see how the full meaning of the Pentagon Video Frames lends itself well to a banner. (Feel free, Roger, to show me how to do it. Even a side-by-side comparo of the govt's image with what a real 757 in the same frame would have looked like is probably not easy to meaningfully grasp at a glance...)

blimp, have you contacted


have you contacted griffin for him to add it to his ommissions list? it is an obvious omission, perhaps he could add it.