4th Anniversary - Craig Hill at St. Mark's Church - Video Download

Craig Hill gave a speech on 9/11 at the St. Mark's Church in NYC. Craig Hill has run (and is running again) for Senate in Vermont. He runs hillsenatenow.org, and created a 9/11 DVD called 'Treason, Inc'.

I added in a comment by Dr. Robert Bowman to the end as well since it directly related to Hill's speech.

Craig Hill came close in the

Craig Hill came close in the last Senate election (see below):

Patrick Leahy, Democratic 216,972 70.6%
Cris Ericson, Marijuana 6,486 2.1%
Craig Hill, Vermont Green 3,999 1.3%
Jack McMullen, Republican 75,398 24.5%
Ben Mitchel, Liberty Union 879 .3%
Keith Stern, Independent 3,300 1.1%
Scattering 174 .1%

Hill's theory was that in

Hill's theory was that in running for office he had to be given equal media airtime, during which he talked about the government's involvement in 9/11.. interesting idea i thought.

Bowman was right on target.

Bowman was right on target.

The Green party never does

The Green party never does any good, but thats a damn good idea for getting the truth out...

Damn, thats a good idea.

Damn, thats a good idea. Sorry guys, my mind is racing...

Just run for office, go to debates and such, don't even discuss the issues, just keep talking about 9/11.

You'd be on TV, the radio, newspaper, etc. The media HAS to give you equal billing.

Holy crap, I'm running for office.

Interesting: http://odeo.com/

Arlene... David Kubiak

Arlene... David Kubiak already refuted everything Nico said.

David Kubiak Responds To Nico Haupt

It's best not to focus on that stuff... glance at it, and move on (as sbg said).

VERY slow download, VERY

VERY slow download, VERY MUCH worth the wait to hear Craig Hill say how the Pentagon non-757 evidence "cuts through the lie in LIHOP" ("the kinder, gentler version of 9/11 half-truth"), which he then called "disinformation". He also said that "LIHOP does the work of Bush." And "LIHOPers dissuade us, from within, from using this undeniable visual evidence."


He said to ignore the LIHOPers.

I think he was talking about David Kubiak (911truth.org +). Plus Kyle Hence and John Judge (911citizenwatch.org +).

Then Bowman suddenly appears and says "we can't be exclusive, and have purity checks", yet that is exactly, precisely what our false-friend gatekeepers-of-the-911-evidence at 911truth.org and 911citizenswatch.org have been doing for a looooong time already!!!!!!!! (Too bad Bowman didn't tell his gatekeeping half-truth pals that a loooooong time ago. Those gatekeeping traitors to 911 truth omit all mention of many 911 sites, and the Naudet video evidence, and the government's own Pentagon Video Frame evidence, just to name a few egregious examples of their disreputable evidence suppression and ugly censorship tactics -- tactics that all just, "coincidentally", work in favor of BushCo). Bowman, unlike Hill who gave specific logic-based examples, merely spread vague fear (of being "discredited") and mistrust (of "plants from the other side" and "extreme theories"), based upon nothing whatsoever. (That's basically just a form of the same unacceptable fear-instilling 'self'-limiting, 'self'-censoring "advice" we've been getting from Mike Ruppert and Mark Robinowitz and Sander Hicks and Michael Rivero and all their LIHOP pals.) Then he suggests "we stop this stuff". What a full-fledged hypocrite Bowman turned out to be, eh?

Thanks a lot, dz! It's just a shame that you felt compelled to offset Hill's clear, evidence-based, visionary statements with Bowman's disinfo-loving ("it doesn't make any difference" limited-hangout) BS.

(IMHO, "glance at it, and move on", is awfully darn close to the gatekeepers' main patter of, "there's nothing to see here, citizen; move along".)

blimp, can i just expect


can i just expect every thread i post to have you ranting about 'disinfo' this and 'gatekeeper' that, and links to your website?

god help me if everyone who wants to argue amongst themselves starts showing up to this website.

Glance at it and move on

Glance at it and move on means if you don't like the message, don't worry about it, carry on about your business.

Isn't that the goal of the disinfo agent? To distract us, the prevent us from spreading the truth?

If you don't like someone else's methods, who cares, just go about your own business. Don't take your eye off the ball for anyone.

I'm sorry SBG, what did you

I'm sorry SBG, what did you say, blimp pilot was distracting me...