Another Report on 9/11 Rally in NYC


Rodriguez, the last survivor of the North Tower, told of explosions emanating from the sub-level basement of the tower, prior to the plane striking the upper floors. His account has been systematically suppressed by the government, mainstream media and the 9-11 Commission.

“They have done everything in their power to ignore my statements, which directly contradict the government story,” said Rodriguez as the crowd chanted, “Let the truth be told.”

“I have at least 27 other people who are ready to testify that they also heard explosions, all of whom have been completely ignored by the 9-11 Commission. Also, the last drop of water fell from the glass and I realized all hope was lost to get at the truth when the testimony I gave the commission behind closed doors last year was omitted from the final report.”

This time, however, Rodriguez broke new ground, when, for the first time after four years, a major news outlet carried his story.

His story aired on a one-hour, pre-recorded special for ABC radio and its nationwide affiliates. The story aired on the East Coast with comments by author David Ray Griffin, who has written a scathing report about at least 101 lies in the final 9-11 Commission report. Griffin, who has written two books about government lies and the government cover-up of 9-11, said the 9-11 Commission report, which received a national book award, should have been declared a “national disgrace.”

I had heard while I was in NYC about the ABC radio show featuring Griffin and Rodriguez, did anyone happen to record it?

This appears to be a very

This appears to be a very significant development ideed. Do you not agree?