More on Donna Marsh O'Conner and Her Appearance in NYC

Mother Talks About Pain Felt Losing Daughter at Ground Zero

Donna Marsh-O'Connor made an impassioned plea at a recent New York 9/11 truth rally, demanding Bush be removed and calling for Americans to demand a truthful investigation into what really happened on 9/11.
"Look in the crowd," she said at the rally. "We need more suits out there. We simply need more awareness if we ever want to get anywhere."
"I swear to God I don't know if we will ever get these guys. I hold Bush and Cheney responsible 9/11 and for blocking any type of meaningful investigation. I would like to see the truth come out in my lifetime, but I just don't know."

Check out the article, and if you haven't seen the video from in front of the U.N. you can check it out here

Thanks to Roger and

Thanks to Roger and, I got to see and hear Donna's emotional speech.

Her belief in evil suicidal hijackers is unfounded. Her statement that it's not OK to hate/attack others because of 9/11 is predicated upon a falsehood (ie, the "others") from The Big Lie of 9/11.

I can understand how, in her grief, the truth has not yet dawned on her, but what's everybody else's excuse?

True fact: "hijackers" were neither necessary nor sufficient to account for what happened on 9/11!

True fact: we have no direct/solid evidence -- not even "hijack" codes punched in by pilots of the flights in question -- that "hijackers" existed.