More on's Pentagon Video FOIA Request has updated with new details on his FOIA request for the videos confiscated on 9/11 which may (or may not apparently) have captured Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon.

basically, we have 2 illuminating items in the 7 page maguire statement.

1) the citgo gas station video DOES NOT show flight 77 impacting the pentagon. (maguire, page 6, item 15)

2) the mystery hotel that had its security video confiscated was NOT the sheraton national hotel - it was the doubletree in arlington, VA. AND this video did not capture the impact of the flight. (maguire, page 7)

Check out for more information and scans of their recent submissions and responses for the FOIA.

The Citgo security video is

The Citgo security video is in plain view of the impact site, but doesn't show Flight 77 impacting the Pentagon.

Wouldn't that be proof the plane didn't crash there?! ;-)

Lack of evidence showing a

Lack of evidence showing a 757 is not the same as evidence showing a lack of a 757.

We only have the lying government's word for that claim, right? The same government which promised us a full-scale investigation but which never bothered to enhance the only known video of the 1st WTC strike...

We already have all the video evidence we need: the first of the 5 frames released by the government, when analyzed in 3 dimensions, proves that the government has lied to us about what hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Worrying about what other videos do not show is a fine distraction and diversion from the government's own evidence, which hoists the lying goverment by its own petard.