Republicans in Congress Ask Goss to Release 9/11 CIA Report

CIA director urged to release agency 9/11 report - Reuters

Senior Republicans in Congress have joined Democrats in asking CIA director Porter Goss to declassify and release an agency report criticizing the previous director and others for lapses on terrorism ahead of the September 11 attacks, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Citing members of Congress and their aides, the Times said that the requests were sent last week by House of Representatives and Senate Intelligence Committee members.

Goss has resisted publicizing the report, in part because it could have a negative effect on agency morale, the Times reported.

Some dozen current and former intelligence officials, including former director George Tenet, are said to be singled out in the report.

CIA inspector general John Helgerson prepared the report at the request of the joint congressional committee that in 2002 completed its review of the attacks, the Times said.

Goss sent a classified version of the document to Capitol Hill in August, and Helgerson briefed the intelligence committee on the findings, the Times said, but distribution has otherwise been sharply limited.

A CIA spokeswoman declined to comment on whether Goss might release the report to the public, adding that Helgerson had complied with the law in preparing the report and delivering the findings to Congress.

Republican officials who told the Times that the report should be made public include Rep. Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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If the congresscritters want

If the congresscritters want it released, you can be sure that, at the very least, the bogus lying government document will talk about evil suicidal Muslim hijackers, even though we have zero evidence (other than easily-faked hearsay) that they existed at all.