Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing On Able Danger - Video

On C-SPAN tonight -- Able Danger hearing -- Senate Judiciary

11:31 PM EDT
Also to air early AM tomorrow on both CSPAN and CSPAN2

Senate Committee
Able Danger and Intelligence Sharing Judiciary
Arlen Specter , R-PA
Curt Weldon , R-PA

Senate Committee
Able Danger and Intelligence Sharing
Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

Specter, Arlen, U.S. Senator, R-PA
Weldon, Curt, U.S. Representative, R-PA
Zaid, Mark S., Attorney
Bald, Gary, Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counterterrorism
Kleinsmith, Erik, Former Analyst, Department of Defense
Dugan, William, Assistant, Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary

Witnesses testified about intelligence on terrorism and terrorist cells in the late 1990s, the threat posed by al-Qaida prior to September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., and handling of intelligence information by the Department of Defense. They also testified about the investigation into the matter by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks ('“9/11 commission'”) and the information gathered by members of a Defense Department intelligence section known as '‘Able Danger'’

Officials who had participated in the Able Danger program had warned top military officials that they had uncovered information of increased al-Qaeda activity in Aden harbor less than three weeks before the attack on the USS Cole.

You can watch it here. While this probably is of little importance overall, it should at least be worth watching to see what our elected officials have to say on the subject, hopefully at least one of them asked some good questions.

Check it out, post some comments.

Looks like the DOD is trying

Looks like the DOD is trying to cover this one up. Let's hope the Pennsylvania Republicans Weldon and Specter keep the heat on so we can find out what really happened regarding Able Danger.

I watched the hearing. There

I watched the hearing. There was a bunch of "outrage" from Senator"the American people deserve answers...blah, blah, blah."

Congress is disgusting.

I do wonder why Weldon is pursuing Able Danger. Maybe he is playing games to get some more power.

It was interesting to see

It was interesting to see Biden mention the fact that Condoleeza Rice was a "target" of Able Danger, as well as his questioning as to why the Pentagon would want to cover this up... "Are they trying to protect the Clinton Administration? Are they trying to protect the Bush Administration? Was something done illegaly?" Keep in mind, that's from memory, and not from a transcript.

The ONLY reason I watched it was because I wanted to know who ordered the documentation destroyed.

INSCOM General Counsel Tony Gentry is the one who ordered them destroyed. Unfortunately, I can't find jack shit on him. I asked Wayne Madsen if he knew anything, and he said he was going to ask Curt Weldon about him on Friday.

Jon, Your double emphasis on


Your double emphasis on 'only' suggests you agree with a currently popular view that able danger is at least a rejection of mihop and therefor hurts the '911 movement'. I don't understand why it should be either the bushies or the arabs, and why there isn't room for another scenario where Arabs unknowingly follow Bushies orders (similar to what some suggest happened on 7/7 in London). As for pointing to democrats (and away from republicans), I can't see how that would eliminate the possibility of the current administration's complicity. In my view, Atta's alleged pre-911 dossier does not automatically mean WTC 1,2 and 7 were not brought down by controlled demolition. Better yet, it might actually provide more evidence for mihop.

If there are parts of this story I'm missing out on I hope you will fill me in.

If Able Danger existed in a

If Able Danger existed in a vacuum it might be possible to use it in attempt to blame the Clinton administration. Of course, there is so much evidence that leads to Bush administration involvement that it is extremely unlikely Weldon is doing this for that reason.

What's odd is that both parties got what they wanted from the 9/11 whitewash.

So what is Weldon up to?

I find it pretty farfetched that he's after the truth. Where has he been for four years? Does he really expect anyone to believe that the FBI would have done a damn thing with this intel?

Able Danger doesn't do anything to discount MIHOP. It does distract a little bit from the aspect of government people to focus more on the hijackers and less on the wargames and pulled buildings.

All I know is that there is something strange about Weldon's pushing of Able Danger.

"Able Danger" (catchy name,

"Able Danger" (catchy name, eh? Could it have been specifically designed for public attention-getting-and-consumption; to sell more papers?) appears, from my vantage point, to be a classic case of a "limited hang-out" operation: In order to divert attention from some of the more-integral, deeper layers of The Big Lie, a less-important lie will be bandied about; even sacrificed if necessary. This is commonplace when an operation's cover story weakens. In fact, it is so commonplace that any good false-flag scam planner will build such "disposable" layers into the scam's cover story ahead of time, just in case...

The limited-hangout goal being to throw prosecutors and bloodhounds a small bone to go after, in order to distract them from, and to insulate, the big enchilada.

In the case of 9/11, just talking about this lower-priority portion of the big lie ("intelligence failure") reinforces an upper-priority portion of the big lie ("you can blame 9/11 on evil Muslim hijackers").

Well, done, psy-op planners! Take another Orwell out of petty cash... us even just talking/thinking about "Able Danger", we divert attention from the culpable people in power (the ones whose treason cost us so dearly), to their chosen scapegoats/patsies (and also to their predecessors), and in doing so we subconsciously/subliminally reinforce the core element of the psy-op legend (you know, the one which says we can blame 9/11 entirely on evil suicidal Muslim hijackers, even though the physical evidence says otherwise).

All in all, I'd call that pretty good work by the disinfo guys, definitely good enough to fool/distract/divert most of the people most of the time.

Zuco... it's because

Zuco... it's because watching them makes me sick to my stomach... nothing more.