CBS News Takes a Stab at 9/11 'Conspiracy Theories'

March Of The Conspiracy Theorists - CBS News

McKinney has long lived on the lunatic fringe of leftist politics. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, she claimed that President Bush was aware of "numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11," and that by doing nothing he and his cronies could "make huge profits off America's new war."
On their face, the topics of the panels were not totally ridiculous or far-fetched. After all, Rep. Curt Weldon, a Republican from Pennsylvania, has spent months informing the public about the Department of Defense program Able Danger. The intelligence gathering program may have identified Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 hijackers as threats in the months prior to the attacks, but the 9/11 Commission all but ignored the program in its final report.
Michael Ruppert, the grand-daddy of all conspiracy theorists was also a questioner. Ruppert has long made waves in conspiracy theory circles, claiming, for instance, that the CIA was responsible for flooding America's inner cities with drugs in the 1970s and beyond. According to the biography supplied at the conference, he has spent the last several years as "the point man in breaking major stories involving government foreknowledge [of 9/11], corruption and violations of the Constitution."
The panelists were of a similar bent. One of the featured speakers was David Ray Griffin. He spent his allotted time informing the audience that the Twin Towers collapsed not because two planes loaded down with jet fuel smashed into them at hundreds of miles per hour. Rather, a series of timed detonations brought down the buildings. Detonations placed by the government. "Hmm," the crowd murmured knowingly.

In the first mention by CBS of 9/11 'conspiracy theories' in quite some time, CBS has issued an out and out attack article which uses the all too common style of Bill O'Rielly in attacking the persons and avoiding the important topics.

It is quite telling to see how the topic of 'Able Danger' and Weldon are somehow valid (possibly because he is a republican), but yet everyone else, even a theologian, professor, and author like Griffin is not even worth detailing, but just deserves a quick association with the 'crazies'. The fact that the quick mention of demolition is brushed off by suggesting that the speed of the planes somehow contributed to their collapses 40+ minutes later is a bit interesting as well.

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This, like the recent AP

This, like the recent AP article, is an absolute travesty. This article PROVES beyond the shadow of doubt that "truth" is just as foreign to our Government, and the media as E.T. was to earth.

It's so easy to make us sound crazy when you don't include the why's and wherefore's...

For instance, if I were to say, "Dr. David Ray Griffin claims the World Trade Center was filled with explosives", and finish the sentence there, the "normal" person would think, "What are you, fucking crazy?".

However, if I were to say, "Dr. David Ray Griffin, a respected theologian, claims the World Trade Center was filled with explosives. His analysis is based on the fact that, etc...", I guarantee the "normal" person would be more prone to listen, HENCE the reason CBS and AP used this slanderous style of writing.

Just give us a 2 hour program. During prime time. I DARE them to give us just that.

BTW... this is the type of

BTW... this is the type of article the FOX NEWS ZOMBIES love to eat up as "FACT"... Even though not a single one is mentioned. Just character assassinations.

Looks like the truth was

Looks like the truth was left out of the Katrina reporting on New Orleans too:

More about the antiwar

Farrakhan still says

Farrakhan still says government blew up levies in New Orleans:

The piece was originally

The piece was originally published in The Weekly Standard, identified approvingly at the bottom of the CBS News website page that published the piece, in a quote from the New York Times, as "Arguably the most influential opinion journal at the White House."

Who is Sonny Bunch, the author?

More about Mckinney's

On the Iraq war as compared

On the Iraq war as compared to Vietnam:

Why national Democrats are

Why national Democrats are hesitant to oppose the Iraq war:

I didn't realize this was a

I didn't realize this was a Weekly Standard piece...

William Kristol is the Editor In Chief of the Weekly standard, and the founding member of the PNAC.

Need I say more?


The FOX NEWS/PNAC/9/11 Timeline

I wrote this article a looooong time ago... please don't mistake this for a defensive piece for Bill Clinton... it's not... I HATE Bill Clinton as well.

Yeah, this is a Weekly

Yeah, this is a Weekly Standard article. reprints stuff from that publication as well as others (for supposed balance). But, yeah, William Kristol is editor of the Weekly Standard -- nuf said.

I'm interested, is there

I'm interested, is there some connection between CBS and the WS (same parent company or something?), or do they just pay for reprint rights?

Anyone know?


Ruppert Was Right?



Damn It! Why isn't everyone

Damn It! Why isn't everyone as obsessive as me?!?!?! ;)

Of course Ruppert was right!

Of course Ruppert was right! It's hard to figure the NORAD no show any other way - too many people would've had to been in on it. BTW, thanks, Jon, for your curiousity, balanced temperment and many informative posts.

Why thank you Lokijohn...

Why thank you Lokijohn... I'm just like everybody else... a former "Couch-Potato" who woke up after 9/11...

Loki... you a fan of Thor?

Loki... you a fan of Thor?

You can't trust any of the

You can't trust any of the media apparently. They couldn't even report accurately what was happening in New Orleans after Katrina:,0,549...

Cindy... do you agree that

Cindy... do you agree that the Federal Government sees the Mainstream Media as "truthful"?

If what they claim is "truthful", it can only be used against them when we find out differently.

It is one of our only tools to effectively wake people up... people who rely on the MSM for their news, can only be convinced by that MSM...

I'd rather be a Conspiracy

I'd rather be a Conspiracy Theorist than a Conspiracy Fear-ist!

Jon, I got into Norse

Jon, I got into Norse mythology early (I'm half Icelandic) and then Marvel Comics -wow! Lokijohn is my online poker tag - Thorjohn would just be asking to be a target of bad jokes, and Loki is much more clever than Thor.
I've been reading the DZ, Gold and Blimp posts re: LIHOP/MIHOP and would like to share my experience.
I voted for the 1st time last year (I'm 51) for Kerry cause I've never seen the country or its future in such bad shape.
I had seen, sometime in the summer of 2004, the last half hour of a very disturbing video purporting it was not Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon. I was just not ready to take the intellectual leap to the administration being responsible for 9/11.
This May year I heard callers on CSpan talking about David Ray Griffins' Madison speech, googled him, found and watched the video of his speech, bought Ruppert's and Griffin's books, became an FTW subscriber, and found this site as well as YOURBBSUCKS, BLIMPPILOT, WRH, (I read all three alot - good job guys!) and a bunch of others.
The point (finally) is that I think the more people look at the facts, the more they proceed inexorably to MIHOP. What else can they conclude? The tricky part is getting them to look in the first place.
So its all good, even the gatekeepers and probably limited hangout ABLE DANGER, because attention is drawn to the Big Lie.
Guys, don't fight amongst yourselves, you are brothers in arms. And I thank you.

Here's another one the media

Here's another one the media seems to have missed. We're not causing global warming, the sun is:

Cindy... now you know I can

Cindy... now you know I can show you 1000 articles to the contrary.

Cindy... I'm just basing it

Cindy... I'm just basing it on my experience. You might have had a different experience. If that's the case, than so be it... do whatever works for you. Just do it.

Thanks for the chart Jon,

Thanks for the chart Jon, really cool.

Anyway it seems the WS is owned by Murdoch, CBS by Viacom (took it over in 1999).

Loki... I used to be a huge

Loki... I used to be a huge comic book fan... Big fan of the Hulk David/Keown, David/McFarlane books... You should stop by my site... I could make you a cool Loki Avatar...

Here's one reply to The

Here's one reply to The Weekly Standard, published not on CBS but on Prison Planet, at

Thanks for the article bb...

Thanks for the article bb... Wayne is a friend of mine...

Jon, I'm already on your

I'm already on your site as "HodorEinstein" -you have an icon for that?

No, but I could make you

No, but I could make you one...

Loki, check out your

Loki, check out your av...