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What's the word?

blimp... please explain

blimp... please explain "bogus plane theory".

I have posted a thread at

I have posted a thread at the Randi Rhodes' archives re the million dollar contest for proving 911 WTC collapses are possible WITHOUT additional explosives.

Prove that WTC collapse occured w/o explosives and win $1,000,000. Details at

For any activists that want to do more than complain or preach to the choir, and have a few bucks to spend:

Why not take out a full page or half page ad in college newspapers and challenge the engineering (and other technical) faculty and students to take a shot at winning?

This would probably run you $200 to $800. My predicition is that this would give a HUGE bang for the activist buck.

It's a little cruel, because it's essentially impossible. It's completely imossible to prove that collapse is possible without some kind of source of energy that is far, far greaten than the kinetic energy of the jet plane plus the energy of that resulted from combustion. (See as well as some of my posts.)

Perhaps explosives were the source of this additonal energy and perhaps they weren't. I personally don't believe that explosives were the main source of this additional energy, which requires the energy equivalent of at least 14 tons of explosives. However, whatever the exact soure of additional energy, without it you will never prove that the collapses were even plausible.

Bird Bird Bird... Bird is

Bird Bird Bird... Bird is the word...

Anyone browsing this site

Anyone browsing this site have any questions regarding 9/11? I, or others will do our best to answer any questions you may have...

Welcome back from your

Welcome back from your double super secret mission to crack 911 WIDE OPEN.

In the mean time, I don't think your web site has mentioned that has started their 1 million dollar contest for anybody who can prove the gov't version of the collapse of the WTC towers.

Think of the possibilites: We can send email to friends and family and tell them that if they or somebody technical they know can prove that the WTC towers could have collapsed without explosives, then THEY CAN WIN $1,000,000. Most everybody knows an engineer or two.

Here's a couple of

Here's a couple of interesting items:

- Computer Stolen With Data on Thousands Involved in 9/11 Cleanup

- New video shows Paddy Ashdown with KLA and their arms cache


- valis
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Has everyone watched these?

Has everyone watched these? The original 9/11 Omission Hearings on 9/9/2004 (I think?) in New York City. Chaired by Representative Cynthia McKinney...

The 9/11 Omission Hearings

Has anyone seen Flight Plan

Has anyone seen Flight Plan yet? The propaganda-ridden opening page of my browser was campaigning for Condi for President a couple of days ago; today, they are dumping on Flight Plan. Maybe its worth dumping on.

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