9/11 Conspiracy Discussed on Iranian TV

It seems everyone around this world is discussing the conspiracy these days. I wonder if Talebzadeh will have to resign.


Talebzadeh: "Somebody needs to explain: A building called Building No. 7 had almost 60 stories, and it did not catch fire..."

Host: "How did it collapse?"

Talebzadeh: "Yes, this was a building made entirely of steel. In the 100 years since they started to construct steel buildings, there has been no precedent for a steel building catching fire and collapsing. How come, six hours after the second tower collapsed, this building collapsed within six seconds, without having caught fire? It collapsed in a controlled manner."

Host: "The firefighters who were interviewed – it was broadcast on French TV – said they clearly heard a few explosions."

Talebzadeh: "In fact, this was a controlled demolition. These are important questions. Why did the U.S. president announce that same day that he wants the blame to somehow be placed on Iraq? What does this mean? Afghanistan had not yet been occupied. How come, two days later, plans were raised to attack Afghanistan and Iraq? In such an event you are not even supposed to know who you are. You're supposed to be in total shock. These are big questions. They are even greater than in the Kennedy assassination. Inquiries are now being made into this matter. There were very unclear matters in this affair, which were never resolved.

"The dimensions of destruction on September 11 are apocalyptic. During the week of 9/11, Lance Morrow published an article in Time magazine. He said: 'In fact, the temple of the West has collapsed. The cathedral of the West has collapsed.' Who brought down this cathedral? Surely two or three people, who could not even fly a crop duster, could not have led a 747 plane into the Pentagon at a low altitude."

Nice find Jon!! It appears

Nice find Jon!! It appears Newsday is willing to give this topic a fair shake.

If the Iranians were clever,

If the Iranians were clever, they would run a contest just like Jimmy Walter's at reopen911.org, except make the prize 1 Billion Dollars, and put the money in escrow. They'd also advertise it to the hilt, unlike Jimmy Walters. (who can't afford to)

I'm sure the Iranians can afford it, plus it's a way to for them to prevent getting nuked by the US. There will be no political support for pre-emptively nuking Iran if the truth of 911 is known. Everybody already knows 911 was used as a pretext for attacking Iraq....

It's not like they'd have to worry about actually awarding the prize money, either.

All I can say is if the

All I can say is if the general public fall for the same lies about WMDs, I'm gonna scream.

What am I saying? Of course everyone is gonna fall for it again, like lemmings walking off a cliff.