Mike Malloy Talks 9/11 Cover Up - Audio Download

Last night Mike Malloy devoted a good bit of time on Air America discussing various 9/11 related topics from Bush's (and the secret service's) inaction on 9/11 to demolition.

You can download the show here

Special thanks to Mike Malloy for tackling the subject, The White Rose Society for archiving the show, and Jon Gold and Jackie for the heads up!

Mike Malloy: Cult

Mike Malloy: Cult Hero...

"On The House: The Bizarre Murder of Michael Malloy" hits the book stores Oct. 4. It's the true story about a Depression-era speakeasy regular who thwarted numerous attempts on his life. All except the last one, of course. The author's web site is www.simon-read.com. Cheers.

I listen to Malloy on a

I listen to Malloy on a daily basis. His 9/11 show was great. I sulute Mike for having the balls to let 9/11 truth go mainstream. It is my understanding he is trying to get David Ray Griffin as a guest. Wouldn't that be something. Please e-mail him and thank him. He did a great job.

I wrote this to the Mike

I wrote this to the Mike Malloy show...

Dear Mike, Kathy, and Steve,

First and foremost, I want to say thank you for devoting your entire show the other night to 9/11 Truth. There are those of us in the nation, and in the world who have been fighting tirelessly to get the truth out, and it has been an uphill battle to say the least. It's not often we get a National outlet, so again, thank you.

I wanted to address something you spoke of in the midst of that show, namely, how if the truth ever got out, that that would be "the end", "over", and I believe "finished". I don't believe that to be the case, and I'll tell you why. Not EVERYONE in Government was involved. Only a select few. Not EVERYONE in media was involved. Only a select few. If the truth got out, a thorough investigation would be DEMANDED by the people of this nation. Those select few would be held accountable, and only those select few. Yes, it would be traumatizing to the nation to find out the horror, but I believe if those who were responsible, are held to account, then we as a nation, can finally begin to heal, and set things right.

Again, thank you for your devotion, and passion for the truth.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Jon Gold

Good letter Jon. I agree. It

Good letter Jon. I agree. It would be traumatic for most Americans but it in the end it would be well worth it. Just imagine an honest government that lived by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just imagine WORLD PEACE!!! That's why I fight so hard.

Couple of comments on the AA

Couple of comments on the AA thing:

1) I have to admit I didn't listen to it all - I could only manage about an hour. This is because of the insane amount of ad breaks - seems like there's more ads than actual talking (I notice the same thing with alex jones, and the Brad Show - must be an american thing :P). Call me picky, but I like my radio ad free and listener sponsored.

2) Mike's little sidekick dude (whoever he was), well I just wanted to punch him! Repeatedly! "Oh how can I believe that the government would harming Americans!" Dude, the US government - be it in hands of Republicans or your beloveded Democrats - is all about harming citizens. I'm no libertarian (if anything I'm a far left socialist), but the purpose of capitalist government is to exploit, to harm the majority to further enrich the minority. If expendable lives (this means you and every other poor / unemployed /working class person in the US and indeed the world) have to be sacrificed at the altar of the almighty Market, then that's how its gotta to be.

The Democrats have never had any problems shipping young Americans off to die in the pursuit of imperialist gain. FDR (probably) let Pearl Harbour happen, in fact he probably set out to provoke the whole thing. I really don't know enough about OKC, but it would appear that the beloved Clintons were happy to sacrifice Americans there too. And wasn't there something about some lefty democrat from the state Norm Cole now represents dying in a mysterious 'plane crash' when Clinton was in power? They had no worries when the National Guard gunned down anti-war protestors at Kent State either.

To suggest that "you can't believe the government would do such a thing" is not just niave, it is ahistorical.

Now I can understand the 'average' (I hate using that word cos I don't think anyone is really average) person having illusions in governments (for various reasons, not least the corporate control of media, and the destruction of the US Labor Movement in the name of 'anti-communism'), but this guy - judging from the fact that he's on the radio - you would expect him to have some basic knowledge about these kind of things.

Ugh, well, he just really really annoyed me. Oh and he cited the 'five frames' as proof that a 757 hit the Pentagon. To be honest, I don't know where I stand on that issue - but the five frames are definitley NOT proof of anything!

Anyway, major props to Mike Malloy for doing the show, and I do so hope he gets Griffin on soon. In fact, as he's got a four hour show, he could do a whole 911 special - Griffin, Reynolds, Ryan, Zwicker, Ruppert, Rodregiuz, the whole feckin' lot of them! How awesome would that be?


In other news, I came across this on A-Infos - dunno if you know the show 'From the Grassy Knoll'? From what I've gathered after listening to several shows over the past year, its a bit of a fundie christian conspiracy show (that is, a conspiracy show, hosted by a fundie christian) - and sometimes its quite good actually (though he has the Wing Tv people on a lot).

Well anyway, this week he had a two hour interview with a 9-11 first responder who had some questions about the whole official scenario. I've only listened to the first hour so far.

You can find the show here: http://www.vyzygoth.com/audio.html (First two links)

Partridge... you crack me

Partridge... you crack me up... "The whole friggin lot of 'em"...

My apologies - the Kent

My apologies - the Kent State shootings were of course carried out while Nixon was President. I was confusing them with Chicago '68 - where no-one was killed, but many injured.

But to illustrate my point - from Wikipedia


The Black Panther Party was targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO program, which systematically attempted to disrupt their activities and dissolve the party. COINTELPRO achieved this through a combination of infiltration, public propaganda, and the exacerbation of interfactional rivalries, mostly through the mailing of anonymous or forged letters. The police tied the group up in endless prosecutions, shoot-outs, assassinations, investigations, surveillance, and dirty tricks.

In one of the most notorious of such actions, the FBI and Chicago Police raided the home of talented and charismatic Panther organizer Fred Hampton on December 4, 1969. The people inside the home had been drugged by an FBI informant, William O'Neal, and were all asleep at the time of the raid. Hampton was shot and killed, as was the guard, Mark Clark. The others in the home were then dragged into the street and beaten and subsequently charged with assault. These charges were later dropped.

In another incident, Panthers Bunchy Carter and John Huggins were killed at UCLA campus in 1969. Although the two were killed by a rival Black Power group called US created by Maulana Karenga, the local director of COINTELPRO took credit for the killings in internal FBI memos, claiming that a series of forged documents from his office led directly to the shootings.


Jon: I'm funny how? Am I

Jon: I'm funny how? Am I some kinda clown? Here for your amusement?


Malloy is great. He's had

Malloy is great. He's had the author of a book about the death of Senator Paul Wellstone on before, too. I don't remember which episode it was, but AirAmericaPlace.com has archives of all Air America shows, and they cut out the commercials (Partridge, enjoy!).

Here's the Malloy show's page:
and the show in question:

Download 'em all automatically with this handly little tool. Put your iPod to good use:

Cheers lawleft, nice one.

Cheers lawleft, nice one.