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Here's a post I lifted from this site:

Lets all take this advice and thank Newsday for having the courage to give this story a fair shake.

Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who have written to the editor at Newsday. For those who haven't, it's incredibly important to do so now because Monday there will be letters from clueless people who act like good little neocons, wholely ignorant of how much against their interest their beliefs are. Please write to Put your name, address and phone number as well, since they may call to verify you're a real person.

List some evidence such as the absence of military defense, the criminal destruction of the steel, the many reports of firefighters and others hearing explosions, Willie Rodriguez testimony, the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report which DRG lists 115 errors, ommissions and distortions, etc.

Also, mention that there are millions of Americans from all backgrounds who realize the official story doesn't stand up to scrutiny, so this chaplain is far from alone. There are even many nationally recognized figures like Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader, Ed Asner, David Cobb, Morgan Reynolds, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ray McGovern who are questioning the official story and calling for a truly impartial probe resulting in full accountability and justice for those who perished and their families. You get the idea... Now let's make some noise everybody!

Truth MUST prevail,


Here's what I wrote, feel

Here's what I wrote, feel free to plageurize this if you'd like. If you do send an email, post it here as well, doing so will encourage others to do the same.

Also, please consider including your name and phone number as Les suggested, it adds a lot of credibility to your email. But, please don't include any personal information here:

Thank you for having the courage to print this story, myself, as well as millions of others agree with Imam Intikab Habib.

Since Bush has blocked any and all attempts at any independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks, one cannot help but have questions such as those brought up by Mr. Habib. I for one cannot blindly accept the pathetic excuses given for the lack of air defense that day as well as the virtual disintegration of three steel framed buildings.

Please keep up the good work, and contact me if I can be of any assistance or if you have any questions.

Ooops,just received a

Ooops,just received a response, looks like you must include your postal address as well as day and evening phone numbers.

Let em rip people!!

Newsday, I wanted to say


I wanted to say thank you for covering what the Chaplain had to say. There are many of us who feel the official story does not stand up to scrutiny. We need a complete and thorough accounting of the events of 9/11. It was the catalyst for everything that has come since, and we owe it to ourselves to know exactly how everything occurred. Otherwise, it will continue to happen, and this country will be forever lost.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Jonathan Gold