There Were No WMD In Iraq, No Ties To Al-Qaeda, And No Ties Between Iraq And 9/11

For those of us eternally arguing with those who insist the war in Iraq is a war against terrorism, consider sharing this list with them. Then ask them where their Bush's war on terrorism really is.

No WMD In Iraq,2933,134625,00.html,2763,1307529,00.html

No Ties To Al-Qaeda,2933,122821,00.html,12469,1006792,00.html

Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11,2933,97527,00.html

That looks awfully familiar.

That looks awfully familiar.

Yeah, I stole it from some

Yeah, I stole it from some unsuspecting sap, and claim it as my own work!!!

I'm confused. What were the

I'm confused. What were the 20,000 Kurds killed with?

I don't think Natalie Holloway ever existed either. They can't find any trace of her so she must have never existed.

Hi Joe, whattaya know...

Hi Joe, whattaya know... They were killed with Chemical weapons given to Saddam by the United States. That particular brand of chemical weapons only had a half life of about 2 months, and haven't been developed since at least 1991.

All reports I can find talk

All reports I can find talk about approx. 5,000 kurds. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make it any better. There is still debate though as to who killed those civilians and with what. But I bet that for those still comfortable with the neocon mafia, like Joe (signed up yet?), the gassed kurds story (from a war heavily backed, if not initiated by the US) is a last grasp for justifying the illegal war.

And as for Nathalie

And as for Nathalie Holloway..
fuck her.

Hey Joe, the evidence of

Hey Joe, the evidence of WMDs was so compelling that the U.S. had to eliminate this threat as soon as possible.

With such clear, compelling evidence such as this, you'd think they'd be able to eventually produce some of it, but you go right ahead protecting the criminals currently running the show.