Getting full story of 9/11 attacks

This is an interesting article in the fact that it more or less supports the official theory, but then recommends David Ray Griffen's books and seminars without telling the reader that David Ray Griffen essentially blows the official theory out of the water. Some unsuspecting readers of this article may pick up a book by DRG and be in for quite a surprise.

It's amazing to think — nearly four years after 9/11 and one year after the National 9/11 Commission Report — that not a single American official has been held accountable for the tremendous intelligence failures that might have prevented the attacks.

Now we have the latest revelation — that a secret Pentagon intelligence unit knew a year before 9/11 that Mohammed Atta and three other al-Qaida accomplices were in the United States.

I think that the members and staff of the National 9/11 Commission, who had a legal obligation to investigate and report upon all of the facts relevant to the 9/11 attacks, should be the very first individuals to be held accountable and responsible for their collective failure to meet their legislative mandate for a full accounting to the American people.

The American people clearly suffer from a false sense of security. How can we know that we are truly safer from terrorists if the 9/11 Commission has chosen to hide certain facts? I'm tired of our nation's leaders not being held accountable for their actions or inactions — particularly when it comes to fighting the "ongoing war against terrorism."

Some of the widows of 9/11 victims fought for over a year to just get a stonewalling Bush administration to create a national commission. They are now speaking out for a new investigation of the full story behind 9/11 and to hold our officials accountable.

Another key critic of the official story is David Ray Griffin, a renowned Christian theologian and author who has written two books about 9/11 and spoke recently to a national audience over C-Span. He'll be speaking in Brattleboro on Oct. 11 at noon and Manchester at 7 p.m., and in Montpelier and Burlington on the 12th.

For more info on Griffin and the 9/11 issue, contact Vermonters for a Fair Economy and Environmental Protection at, 387-5127, or

I think (hope) this guy is

I think (hope) this guy is being very clever - for he seems to be a member ( )of this Vermonters for a Fair Economy group who are hosting the Griffin talk - It's unlikely that he's unaware of what DRG has to say about 9-11.

Not a bad strategy in this case, if ask me.

Writing a 'conspiratioral' letter would probably

a) not get published

b) if it did get published, a lot people without some kind of in depth knowledge would probably dimsiss it as mere 'conspiracy'

c) I'll bet a LOT of people are pissed over this issue of accountability, even if they have never been exposed to 9-11 Scepticism. So the accountability thing is a good 'hook' that might draw people who otherwise would just dismiss 'conspiracy'.

d) You have to remember that this is basically an ADVERT for the Griffin lecture, not just a letter to the editor about 911 truth - so the primary goal is to get as many people along as possible, right? So like I said in point 'c', people who would most likely never consider going to a forum alleging an inside job, might go if they think its about 'failures' - only to be 'ambushed by reality', to use the neo-con phrase.

Good strategy indeed

Good strategy indeed Partridge, I use it (or something similar) a lot. Sometimes you gotta be subtle, hitting people over the head with the truth right away doesn't always work...