Truth emerging on terror, Iraq

For two days in a row, The Times Argus has published some fascinating information.

1) Last Saturday the letter by Robert Riversong was riveting. Finally, your readers get to discover, through this letter, that it is the United States and the Brits who are deliberately prolonging the war. The war on Iraq has been a great success for those who began it, because their goal has been accomplished: to get the perpetual contracts to rebuild the devastation they wrought.

2) An article on Sunday entitled, "Muslim fire chaplain quits over comments." The comments, as the writer states, relate to FDNY Chaplain Intikab Habib's suggestion that 9/11 was an inside job, in particular, the demolition of WTC 7 and the Twin Towers. Note the last sentence: "The theory, popular in some Islamic circles, infuriated the fire department's rank and file."

Really? Where were the quotes from the rank and file? An article by Victor Thorn in The American Free Press quoting FDNY Lt. Paul Isaac, Jr. makes it clear that the rank and file of both the FDNY and the NYPD know that 9/11 was an inside job, and that they have been gagged. (My article in the September issue of Vermont Commons about Dr. David Ray Griffin makes this point.) So just who is infuriated, and why would a journalist write such a thing?

I handed out my Griffin article to firefighters in NYC on 9/1-1/05, and they were polite and receptive.

Furthermore, this "theory" may well be "popular in some Islamic circles," but a Zogby poll proved that it is popular with half the population of NYC, with former Bush administration officials and high-ranking members of the armed forces. (See Republican Rep. Curt Weldon's hearings, covered on CSPAN).

For the neo-cons driving their gravy train of death, the war will continue to be a success, as long as we allow them to keep it running.

Jim Hogue,

Thanks Gold... you're

Thanks Gold... you're welcome Gold.

In regards to the FDNY

In regards to the FDNY Imam... this was an article dz wrote a few months back... I think it appropriate as a follow up to the newsday story...

Why does everyone believe

Why does everyone believe this story. Its BS. I know because I'm the one they're writing about. Why hasn't Chris Petheric of AFP pulled the story when I personally called him at his DC officer to comfirm the Story is BS. Why after Two weeks hasn't this been done?

Because not everyone is who they claim to be. Is this responsible journalism? Printing things thats not true.

Kind of makes you wounder who the true enemies are.

Paul Isaac Jr