Bin Laden planning another 9/11 on US: ex-CIA official

More propaganda I suppose:

Washington : Former CIA official Michael Scheuer, who headed the “bin Laden unit” in the intelligence agency, has said that though the Saudi-born fugitive was keeping a low profile, he was still powerful, and would remain in hiding until he staged another lethal attack on the US like 9/11.

“As soon as he hits us in the US again, we’ll see how important he is in the Islamic world. We mistake quiet for defeat or irrelevance.......and all quiet is disquiet,” The News quoted Scheuer, who retired in one year ago, as saying.

Scheuer, who unsuccessfully tracked the terror mastermind for nearly two decades, said that bin Laden’s right-hand-man Ayman al-Zawahiri seemed to have temporarily taken over the Al-Qaeda leadership apparently for the boss (Osama) to prepare for another US strike.

The ex-CIA official, who is known as a fierce critic of the Bush administration and its “War on Terror” policy, shrugged off the reports that the al-Qaeda chief was isolated and his communication network was shattered due to a relentless hunt for him.

"Scheuer, who unsuccessfully

"Scheuer, who unsuccessfully tracked the terror mastermind for nearly two decades"

How can you unsuccessfully track someone for 2 decades ?

LOL... good call.

LOL... good call.

it's ALL propaganda

it's ALL propaganda

Absolutely, as is the whoe

Absolutely, as is the whoe OBL-Zarwahi debacle...just read 1984 and see how they serve the same role as Goldstein.