Blasted Reality Films - The Produced Reality - Video Download

Got an email while I was out about a set of short videos called 'The Produced Reality' all about the 'collapses' of the twin towers and WTC7. The videos include footage from 9/11, eye witness reports, the Silverstein 'pull it' clip, and example controlled demolitions to compare with WTC7.


Thanks to X for the submission!

The third and fourth videos

The third and fourth videos go into explosions and demolitions quite a bit. You'll notice in controlled demos, there are a series of explosions that take affect seconds before the actual implosion of the building. Of course they couldn't do that on 9/11, it would have been too obvious.

This explains why there were explosions going off regularly after the initial impacts, to soften up the building prior to its actual collapse. Additionally, they tried to time a severe explosion at the base of the towers with the actual plane impacts, which is proven by William Rodriguez's testimony.

Who posted this? d who?

Who posted this? d who?

These are REALLY well done.

These are REALLY well done. Thank you "X"... I especially recommend watching Chapter 2, 2:50... I also recommend downloading them as opposed to streaming them.