9/11 produced by vast conspiracy



My argument is as straightforward as it is secure and convincing: Our government was behind the terror attacks of 9-11.

To be believed, the argument requires that one think adult thoughts, have a more than casually informed view of history, and be willing to distinguish a fact from a sweet, soothing fiction.

We are told that on 9-11, 2001, we were attacked by a band of terrorist prodigies. 19 fanatical Arab wunderkinds of terror. They eluded our vast intelligence network and somehow managed to take out the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

We’re told the air defenses of the most aggressive military state on the planet could not get it together enough to prevent the last jihadi missile from getting to the nation’s defense center in our capital, though it had been over 70 minutes since four airliners were almost simultaneously hijacked.

We are offered no dignified explanation for the absurd collapse of WTC building 7. There is not one bit of photographic or filmic evidence of the controversial Pentagon strike, because federal agents confiscated all of it, and none of it has been released.

Why do we deny the obvious conspiracy, the one that explodes directly in front of us, smelling like cordite? When any two or more parties convene for the planning or execution of a criminal act, that is a conspiracy, and a common circumstance in any land.


It is a clumsy and hole-ridden explanation indeed. It is just as obvious that the media is doing its part to parrot that story and maintain it. The so-called independent 9-11 Commission was an offensive whitewash, every bit as sloppy and fraudulent as the commissioned whitewash of Kennedy’s death, wolves looking into the tragic deaths of chickens. Sadly, all this can only imply that we are either gullible people or perversely dedicated to our denial.

This is a great article...

This is a great article... I'm going to write to thank him...

dude, What the fuck? Do you

dude, What the fuck?

Do you honestly think the plane was a missle. I think your idea of a missle came from a set of photos of the actual plane themselves. The photo quality wasn't that good at all, and then you take advantageof this shitty photo and said "oh shit, it's a missle!" honestly, ask anybody that saw the actual thing. You'll be surprised. You never saw it. All you're writing is complete bullshit. disrespecting the victims.