Has the Iraq War Made Us Safer?

Check it out, from the horses mouth itself. PNAC is pulling out the Pearl Harbor comparisons again, and making yet another pathetic attempt of linking Iraq to 9/11. Jon Gold made the following clever statement that may one day be spoken at a future 9/11 trial:

"...And on the 4th Anniversary of that dreadful day, your so called, "Think Tank" dared to legitimize your actions by comparing them to the very event that inspired you in the first place. As a way to legitimize your crime. How dare you... "


Are we as a nation safer for having invaded Iraq? Was the decision to remove Saddam from power after 9-11 a step forward in the war on terror, or not? The answer is yes.

Is the answer absolutely, yes? Of course not. Wars don't work that way. Did the decision by the country to wage war on both Japan and Germany in the wake of Pearl Harbor make the U.S. safer at first? No. Even after critical successes at Midway, in North Africa and Italy, thousands of Americans still lost their lives. The war had to be won, and the cost was high precisely because our enemies knew it was going to be a fight to the death. And Americans understood that security could not be had in a piecemeal fashion given the nature of the enemies we faced.

Similarly, we should remember that the war on terror is not just about defeating terrorists. The larger meaning of 9-11 was the recognition that the mix of terrorists seeking weapons of mass destruction with dictatorial regimes who gave them support, and who themselves had or were seeking such weapons, was potentially too dangerous a brew for the United States to take a reactive stance toward. As such, the war to be waged requires not only taking on the terrorists themselves, but also the states that give them support or, through their governance, are spawning new cadres of jihadists.

On that broad front, America's record of success has been substantial, and we are the safer for it. Both the Taliban regime of Afghanistan and Saddam's Baathist rule in Iraq are history.

The thing that infuriates me

The thing that infuriates me to no end... the date this was released. As if to say, "We were right to do what we did".

I first thought of the "9/11

I first thought of the "9/11 Trials" when I wrote this.

I always wonder: if the US

I always wonder: if the US government, the Buh-Cheney mob etcetera, were powerful enough to pull off a trick like 9/11, as you people believe, why didn't plant some WMD's in Iraq? Would have been much much easier, to much larger effect, don't you think?

Because MAYBE they keep an

Because MAYBE they keep an inventory on that kind of thing. They didn't care about what happened after they got there, just that they did.

Jon good point on

Jon good point on pnac....
They "may' have had WMD's in Iraq
but the problem is they had printed on them "made in the USA"
To all 9-11 activist ....lets call Air America out,like in poker
I have never heard anybody on Air America say...
"Bring our troops home now!"
for that matter the same goes for Democrats (most are just as bad as Bush supporters
it makes me sick)
espically when 80% of americans know that Bush adm lied
for STARTING a war with Iraq (how do i know its 80%...start asking
people and you will find out)
Now back to 9-11
When Randi Rhodes was here in WPB FL i called her a least
once a week and talked nothing but 9-11 to where in Dec 2003
She (Randi Rhodes) said on the radio that the Bush adm Knew and Let
9-11 Happen....
Randi and I share a couple things in common, one is we both
have watched the JFK movie by Oliver Stone at least 15 times....
So my question to you Randi Rhodes are you gonna suppress the
TRUTH of 9-11 on YOUR watch....I would never have thought
so when you were here in WPB.
Randi alot has changed since i last talk to you.
For instance it has not even been a year that i got my first 9-11 DVD, 9-11 IN
PLANE SITE, and all the others since then that i make copys and hand
them out like candy,
Now me and Millions of Americans know the Bush adm
that Number is increasing every day, i see to that myself,
Randi Rhodes are you Schill or are you gonna See David Ray Griffin speech/lecture in NYC
on Oct. 15th and then give as much air time to him so that he can tell his story.
Randi you will never do a more important interview in your life.( and you know it Randi)
i'm not gonna give out her email address, us 9-11 activist know how to do get it...LOL LOL
peace,paul weber
ps you people in the MSM (main stream media) you F**king Suck
and there is blood on your hands....you all better hope there is no GOD






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Is it possible that the official story of what happened on 9/11 is an implausible theory unsubstantiated by the facts? Since the governmentÂ’s theory has been proven flawed and their investigation is widely recognized as being misleading and inadequate, shouldnÂ’t we objectively analyze and question it? Shouldn't all who work for peace, progress and advancing political process be informed?

Christian theologian and author David Ray Griffin will present compelling evidence that challenges much of what we have been told about the horrific attacks of that day. Dr. Griffin will include new research especially for the New York audience based on recently released oral histories of firefighters and medical workers at the World Trade Center as well as video footage which clearly supports this research.

Why should you attend? Because Dr. Griffin's presentation comes in the wake of more issues in the news that continue to put the official account of 9/11 into question. In late August a surveillance program called Able Danger was revealed giving us information stating that four of the alleged hijackers were being tracked as early as 1999. A few weeks ago we saw the forced resignation of NY Fire Department Chaplain Intikab Habib for questioning the governmentÂ’s explanation of 9/11. This occurred even though a Zogby poll released on Aug. 30, 2004 indicated that half the citizens of New York donÂ’t believe the official story. In last weekÂ’s news we learned that CIA Director Porter Goss refuses to investigation agents who were responsible for preventing the attacks but didnÂ’t, which is another blatant refusal of our government to hold anyone accountable. So far the only people to lose their jobs have been whistleblowers. Those in charge of security have received medals and promotions. What could be the reason? Therefore, we urge you to come and see the research this scholar has assembled.

This event will bring a new level of clarity to the reality behind 9/11 as well as urgency for Americans to call for justice and accountability from their government.

David Ray Griffin is the author of “The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11” and “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions & Distortions”. Dr. Griffin is Professor of Religion and Theology at the Claremont School of Theology where he taught for over 30 years, retiring in 2004. He has authored or edited over two dozen books including “Deep Religious Pluralism” and “Two Great Truths: A New Synthesis of Scientific Naturalism and Christian Faith. Dr. Griffin is one of 60 people listed in a global list of leading Christian theologians.

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