The disastrous 9/11 attack took place a long time ago, yet its essential elements are still being debated on the Internet. While the disputes themselves and the supporting evidence make for disturbing reading, their existence continues to illustrate the gulf between a sizeable minority of American citizenry and the government of the country in which it must put its trust if civil society is to prosper. What is just as disturbing - or even moreso - is the quantity and quality of the evidence that continues to turn up. Much of it would seem to indicate that indeed there are puzzling discrepancies between what is commonly understood to be the case about 9/11 and what actually occurred.

The discrepancies run the gamut of events that took place on 9/11 and versions put forth by such sites as which utilize the same visual evidence collected by mainstream sources such as CNN News DVD to come up with radically different conclusions. Of late, however, the original sources upon which the alternative analyses relied are beginning to become less available to the general public – including, for instance CNN News DVD, which has reportedly announced product discontinuations.

Nonetheless, much of the visual evidence is already in circulation on the 'Net. This would include, for instance, photographic and video evidence taken after the Pentagon plane crash that seemingly contradict the official story about how badly the crash damaged the Pentagon's reinforced facade. Such analysis is abetted by seismological data, amateur videotapes, and a variety of other sources to show that what crashed into the Pentagon may have been a radio controlled drone rather than a large airplane.

Other questions that are raised by what would seem to be convincing evidence or by eyewitnesses are:

-Gigantic explosions throughout the World Trade towers just before they went down.

-First-hand evidence, including broadcast comments, that would appear to make it clear that one or both of the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Towers were other than the passenger craft they appeared to be.

-The "controlled" manner in which the Towers collapsed.

-The controlled demolition of a smaller tower in the complex. (Interestingly, recent Internet reports have government officials admitting to a controlled demolition of this tower - a decision apparently made on the scene. Such an implosion would certainly testify to the efficiency of government first responders in that large buildings usually take days or even weeks to wire for explosives, not hours.)

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