Welcome Truth Seeker

Well I didn't write it...

Well I didn't write it... but it's a good post for the "newcomer"...

Recommending half-truthful

Recommending half-truthful sites to "newcomers" is just another way of lying to them.

Leave it to 911pravda.org (aka 911truth.org) to tell people what is and what is not the truth. And to label/marginalize anyone who disagrees with their limited truth as "wildlife"? Who appointed them? With 911 half-truth friends like that, who needs a lying government to stifle the full truth?

Rigorousguessing.blog is another paid impediment to full 911 truth. There's a whole bunch of them, and their job is to constitute an alternative "mainstream" in which 911 truthers who can't quite think for themselves can feel comfortable. (People who recognize that planes did not cause the towers to collapse but who still insist upon blaming 9/11 on "hijackers" should seek immediate professional help.)

You guys who promote and defend these limited-hangout disinfo sites here are going to feel pretty silly (or exposed!) as more and more people catch on to those gatekeepers of 911-big-lie-busting evidence, including the Naudet WTC video "flash frame" and the 5 Pentagon video frames.