9/11 Parts Split by Good and Evil

Can someone explain to me what the statement in bold means?


The city scientist who led the effort to identify 9/11 victims said officials made sure to keep the remains of the three terrorists identified away from those of the innocents killed.

The remains of the killers were removed from the medical examiner's makeshift memorial park on the East Side and "put in another place," Robert Shaler, former head of the medical examiner's forensic unit, told the Daily News.

In "Who They Were," his new inside account of the identification effort, Shaler writes that he believes the terrorists identified were in the back of the planes - and not the monsters who plowed the jets into the towers.

"I still doubt the pilots have anything remaining to collect or analyze," he writes. "Likely, they were vaporized along with many of the innocent victims."

Shaler recounts with fresh detail the scientific challenge and personal anguish that marked the more than three years it took to process the bodies and 20,000 body parts recovered from Ground Zero.

Though the remains of 1,594 of the 2,749 WTC victims have so far been identified by name, Shaler makes clear the terrorists were a case apart.

To begin with, Shaler's office could not identify the three by name. That's because the 10 DNA profiles used to make the first matches were supplied by the FBI without names attached.

"No names, just a K code, which is how the FBI designates 'knowns,' or specimens it knows the origins of," Shaler wrote. "Of course, we had no direct knowledge of how the FBI obtained the terrorists' DNA."

Terrorist remains were separated from the others, to allay families' concern that the killers might someday be commingled with the unidentified remnants of their victims, due to rest at the Trade Center site. Shaler said he didn't know where the terrorists' remains are now but assumed they are kept somewhere in the city.

"We didn't say where we put the terrorists' remains because it's not important," the medical examiner's spokeswoman, Ellen Borakove, said yesterday, adding she did not know the location herself.

No, I certainly can't

No, I certainly can't explain it, but it does spark a question or two. If they were in the back of the plane, who drove the plane? Was remote control involved?

However, how would anyone have a clue, if a body was found, whether it was in the front or the back of the plane? Is the analysis credible?

Agreed, its nonsense, these

Agreed, its nonsense, these airplanes crashed deadon into buildings 90 stories up and they somehow separated the terrorists from the passengers.

I'd really love to know how

I'd really love to know how the FBI got DNA samples for 10 "known terrorists".

Excellent find. The man who

Excellent find. The man who identified the "Terrorists" bodies claims that #1, they didn't fly those planes, and #2 the DNA supplied to them by the FBI is questionable.

Excellent find.

This is an excellent article

This is an excellent article that coincides with my theory.

Keep in mind, it's not "my" theory completely. Daniel Hopsicker sparked the idea with this.

Shaler is apparently saying

Shaler is apparently saying that there was a match between FBI-supplied DNA and the alleged purported/imaginary "suicidal Muslim hijackers", but that no DNA was (or could have been) collected from (remains of) those in the front of the alleged purported/imaginary passenger airliner(s).

Of course, just as Shaler "had no direct knowledge of how the FBI obtained the terrorists' DNA.", Shaler has no direct knowledge of how the samples he was identifying were obtained, or from where, either.

I guess we could clone the FBI-provided DNA samples and wait 20 years and see who grows/shows up...

I trust that, by now,

I trust that, by now, EVERYONE knows that the Boeing planes in question can fly themselves.

They can land without any pilot on board. They can navigate without any pilot on board. In fact, the only thing they cannot do without any pilot on board (from the factory, unmodified, at least...) is take off.

So even if you insist upon believing that the lying-government-claimed Boeing 767 passenger airliners are what hit the WTC towers, there is still NO direct evidence of "suicidal Muslim hijackers"!!!


I just realized something...

I just realized something... this guy is saying that the "Terrorists" he was able to "identify" were the "Terrorists" managing the passengers in the back... but the "Terrorists" who were supposedly flying the plane can't be identified because they were "vaporized".

It's a roundabout way of saying they can't verify who was flying the plane.

Still relevant.

I'd really love to know how

I'd really love to know how the FBI got DNA samples for 10 "known terrorists".

NBC: Over 25% of the hijackers trained at secure US military installations

It's a roundabout way of

It's a roundabout way of saying they can't verify who was flying the plane.

Or from where. (And maybe what, not who.)

People who maintain those "119 questions" lists clearly have another one to add...

Regarding Anonymous's post

Regarding Anonymous's post who questioned how the government had DNA from 10 known terrorists:

Simple, when the government creates the terrorists, they make sure they get a copy of their DNA!!!