Karl Schwarz For President

Think a Truther has got what it takes? Take a look:


Karl Schwarz has been really

Karl Schwarz has been really nice to me. However, all of his stuff is based on unnameable sources. I can't verify any of it. And that movie that he released didn't really show anything. Maybe I'm wrong. I know dz advertises on www.karlschwarz.com.

to clarify, i got in touch

to clarify, i got in touch with the webmaster of rbnlive.com (a very nice guy) who also manages schwarz's website.. they both have banners for my site, but they are not paid advertisements.

Karl Schwarz's

Karl Schwarz's platform:

Stop the war in Iraq immediately! Support our troops by bringing them home

Re-open a new 9/11 Commission to honestly investigate this crime against America

Stop the saber rattling with Iran, North Korea & Bush’s Axis of evil

Replace the war on terror with a war on our own abusive government

Sounds like a productive

Sounds like a productive development. Hope it turns out at least as interesting as Ross Perot's candidacy. I'm not sure his platform actually states he wants to start 'a war on our own abusive government,' that seems a bit strong and/or counterproductive. I'm certain that it is not accurate to say that 'all his stuff is based on unameable sources.'

That snippet is directly

That snippet is directly from his website.

Sorry, I stand corrected, I

Sorry, I stand corrected, I just saw it. My apologies; hope they tone it down. Website is


I'm all for having "consider

I'm all for having "consider the content" take precedence over "consider the source". I'm not sure where "consider the format" fits in...

This week, I was looking to reference Karl's fine February article about the Pentagon evidence which establishes that it was something other than a Boeing 757 which hit the Pentagon, but found that it had disappeared. All of Karl's articles at onlinejournal had disappeared!

Karl said that they can be found under the Online Journal Archives button/link on his web page and that they all should be posted there by the end of this week.

However, they (the ones that are there now) are in PDF format. That is NOT the language of the WWW. I have a real concern with web sites that 'hide' their valuable info in non-HTML formats. (It's fine to supplement the HTML with PDF, but not to replace it. The fact that the articles already existed and had been published in HTML makes the current lack of HTML even more puzzling to me. The info is of sufficient importance that anyone with a web browser ought to be able to just click...)

You can listen to me and

You can listen to me and Karl here

Those PDF files to which I

Those PDF files to which I referred can be found here:


He talks a good game but who

He talks a good game but who is going to pay for it? It costs big money to run.

George W. Bush "Predicts"

George W. Bush "Predicts" 9/11

"I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can't explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen... I know it won't be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it."


Karl Schwarz also calls for

Karl Schwarz also calls for repeal of the Patriot Act. Way to go! Don't think we're going to hear that out of Hillary.