More Highly Credible Whistle Blowers Identifying Global 'Al-Qaeda' Terrorism as State Controlled

Interesting article about State Sponsored Terror:

During an interview for an Australian documentary, former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid unequivocally fingered the Indonesian authorities as the true culprits behind the 2002 Bali bombings.

Wahid said the authorities were acting at the behest of Western intelligence agencies.

Other sources used for the documentary were adamant that there were no Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in existence that were not controlled by intelligence agencies.
The United States government had advance knowledge of the October 12 2002 Bali bombing. They passed that knowledge on to the Taiwanese government and told them to keep the information top secret.

Hours before the bombing took place, the US withdrew all its administrative staff and diplomats from Indonesia, citing a 'security threat'. The British government also received the same warning but this wasn't passed on to any relevant authority or the hundreds of victims carelessly making their way to a beach party.

The plastic explosives used in the attack were of military origin and were used primarily by the US military.

Immediately after the bombing, the FBI, the Australian Secret Service and British secret police swooped in to the bomb site and ruthlessly took charge of the investigation, much to the anger of the Indonesian authorities and the Balinese police.

Why were they so eager to take control? Were they attempting to cover their tracks and lead the other unwitting investigators away from any other conclusion but that the bombing was carried out by suicide bombers?

The very organization blamed by the authorities for the bombing responded by saying the attack was the work of the CIA, Mossad and Australian Secret Service.