FBI slammed for fighting 9/11 reforms


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The former members of the 9/11 commission slammed the FBI on Thursday for the pace of its reforms, saying the agency has fought the changes more than expected and warning that "terrorists will not wait."

The criticism came in a report by the former commission, now called the 9/11 Public Discourse Project, released Thursday in Washington.

"Reforms are at risk from inertia and complacency," said former commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton.

If the pace of reform is "not accelerated," he said, Congress will have to consider "other alternatives," a veiled reference to removing the FBI's intelligence function.

The report faulted the FBI for continued deficiencies in its analytical capabilities and information sharing with other agencies, as well as its failure to improve information technology. The bureau was also cited for too much turnover in its workforce.

Former commission Chairman Thomas Kean complimented FBI Director Robert Mueller for setting the right priorities, but said there was "much more resistance than anticipated" from the rest of the bureau.