The Story of 9/11 Hero, William Rodriguez, Is Censored Again

The Story of 9/11 Hero, William Rodriguez, Is Censored Again As Savage Approach Taken To Caller on 'The Savage Nation' Radio Show Silences Real Truth Behind 9/11

By Greg Szymanski

The outright criminal censorship by the media continues to rock the foundations of our free speech rights as another mainstream radio personality, claiming to be independent, bites the dust, deciding this week to “shut up” a listener after she tried discussing the explosions in the WTC basement on 9/11 as the real cause of the collapse.
Mason said after trying to explain why she felt 9/11 was an inside job by recounting the story of WTC janitor and national hero, William Rodriguez, Savage became rude and obnoxious, giving her “an earful” about how he doesn’t put up with conspiracy nuts on his radio show.
Savage on his promotional web site claims to be the top “independent show” in the country with over 8 million listeners on 370 channels. However, what Savage fails to mention is that he really is a government hack, bought and paid off by the corporate media/government, having his show sponsored and underwritten by the deep pockets of CNN.

And experiences like Mason’s, being censored this week on the Savage show, bring to the forefront the folly taking place, as the tentacles of the 9/11 cover-up extend to all segments of the media, even the phony, so-called “independent press.”

ironic that Savage would

ironic that Savage would shut someone up over a "conspiracy theory" when he himself made strong allusions to the New World Order and the CFR when he spoke on his radio show about this subject on 6 Oct. 2005

Savage quote: "I donÂ’t want you to think that I donÂ’t really know whatÂ’s going on, because I do. ItÂ’s all about the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order. ThatÂ’s what this is all about, so you can look at the miniscule actors on the stage and be distracted by it, but I donÂ’t want to go into that because itÂ’s been done too many times on talk radio, weÂ’ve been very successful in, uh, not derailing the New World Order at all, but in forcing them to get much more clever in their, in their, presentations and machinations, for those of you who know what I am talking about. And tragedy is the mother of new directions as you well understand and in many cases, the tragedies are being used or manipulated for the new directions and the New World Order.

The fact of the matter is, for those of you who know what I am talking about, ah, the attempt to create a world government through the UN, was roundly, roundly rejected by the American people, and so, those in the business of creating the New World Order, decided to build it from the bottom up, rather than the top down. We resisted UN power, and so they started to create a world government in another way, and that became the Trilateral Commission. And that was using things such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, International currency reform, international trade measures, and what not, to push forward the New World Order and that would be why we opposed NAFTA, why we opposed CAFTA, why we opposed the WTO, we were right about everything. And that is what globalism is all about.

That is why, for example, the more we scream about illegal aliens coming across the border, and the more we try to talk about it, the less we are heard by the media. You say well wait a minute, the media pretends to not like Republicans and George Bush, wouldnÂ’t you think theyÂ’d jump on the illegal alien problem since most Americans are opposed to it? Yes they would if they were truly an independent media they would, but theyÂ’re not. ItÂ’s a deceit. ItÂ’s the government-media complex. It really is, in essence, Pravda. What we have today in America is a choice between Pravda and Isvestia. In the old Soviet Union, you had two state run newspapers. Fact is today, while they not state run networks, they might as well be, because theyÂ’re all in cahoots with each other. And that is why a guy like OÂ’Reilly will call me an extremist, because he is a mouthpiece for the established governmental agencies, whether he, ah, knows it or not. He may not even know it. I donÂ’t think heÂ’s intelligent enough to recognize that heÂ’s just a, ah, puppet on their stage. And heÂ’s a good enough man, but you have to understand how all of these things happen.

I listened to Savage once.

I listened to Savage once. That was enough. He is a madman. If you want the truth listen to Mike Malloy on Air America. He is the only mainstream guy with enough balls to come right out and say that the Bush Crime Family was COMPLICIT in the 9/11 attacks. He devoted an entire show to 9/11 about two weeks ago. You can download his shows here.

His 9/11 show was on Friday September 30, 2005. Check it out.

I'll give it a listen. But

I'll give it a listen. But Malloy is soft on 9/11, or at least he always has been. (Same as and the rest of the limited hangout disinfo agents who offer some truths but merely pretend to be on the side of full truth for 9/11 as they withhold/omit/suppress other truths.)

"[Colorado] 9/11 Visibility" censored (cancelled his recent appearance, and without even telling him why!) Morgan Reynolds.

There's a lot of truth/evidence censorship/suppression going on within the 9/11 truth movement, such as it is...