CAMPAIGN: New York Times And 9/11

Here's an action item here we can all help out with. Every letter helps, so if you can, take a couple minutes and send one out. A sample letter which you can send can be found by following this link to the article:

Join the nationwide campaign to pressure the New York Times to print the truth about 9/11 NOW. The Times is under fire for letting Judith Miller work as a member of the White House Iraq Group to spread disinformation, and then covering up Miller's role and refusing to fire her. It has become obvious to fair-minded observers that the Times has been part of the Iraq disinformation campaign.

NOW is the time to contact the Times, to urge the Times to "step up to the plate" on 9/11 as part of its need to "repair its reputation" after the Miller scandal.

Please copy the letter below (you're welcome to embellish on it if you want, and anger is ok – but please remain respectful).

Send it to the Times BY WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK, so that -- when prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald finally announces indictments or whatnot -- his announcement does not bury this 9/11 campaign in people's minds.


The name of the

The name of the corrput/incompetent science editor at the NY Times is Laura Chang. IMHO, Laura, without the notoriety, has done more, by her compicit silence, to harm the reputation of the NY Times than has Judith Miller (and that's going some...).

She can be reached at 212-556-1234