Bravest fume at FDNY

Where did all the money that was donated for 9/11 relief go??? Why can't the firefighters that can no longer work get a decent pension? This reminds me of how billions of dollars were sent for Katrina relief, and yet all the survivors were crammed into gymnasiums for weeks on end. Why weren't the put up in hotels???

30 to file suit over 9/11 pension woes


Numerous firefighters who survived 9/11 have found themselves trapped in desk jobs - too ill to battle blazes but not sick enough to qualify for disability pensions, the Daily News has learned.

A group of 30 active and retired firefighters are now preparing a class-action lawsuit to force the Fire Department to make up its mind - restore them to active duty or let them retire on disability.

The firefighters were designated for light duty by FDNY doctors who found them disabled by asthma or other lung-related problems. But in late 2003, the medical board of the pension fund changed the standard for lung disability, according to the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

"The rules changed after the Fire Department realized how many firefighters were affected by 9/11," said lawyer Jeffrey Goldberg of Lake Success, L.I., who is preparing the lawsuit.

"There's no logic to keep them on the payroll. I think there's a political agenda to protect the pension fund."

ARG News Brief: An Interview

ARG News Brief:

An Interview with Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski [bio], Lt. Col. USAF (ret.): "I am personally curious about the dynamics of the nearly identical collapses on 9-11 of all three towers (1, 2, and 7), the lack of the expected amount of aircraft debris in front of the Pentagon at or near the point of impact, and the nature of the Israeli groups around the country prior to 9-11 known to be spying on Drug Enforcement Agency operations and coincidentally being counter-spied upon by our own law enforcement in many of the same locations around the country as the hijackers in training. None of these aspects have been thoroughly explained by the government yet."