The importance of understanding 9-11

An interview with Eric Hufschmid (3.8 MB video):

Gee, that's one of the first

Gee, that's one of the first videos I published (in QT, not MS, format) at, well over a year ago, right around the time "Joe's friends" reneged on their support of

It was nearly 10 months later that I learned that that Hufschmid interview had been conducted at that 1st, the San Francisco, inquiry, but that Joe's friends (ie, 911inquiry and 911pravda and 911citizenswatch and 911visibility and deceptiondollar and ... and ... and ...) had refused to permit Eric Hufschmid to address the inquiry!!!!!.

It's taken (and is still taking) the 9/11 truth movement, such as it is, a long time to understand what that means. What it means is that "Joe's friends" suppress all evidence, and even people's voices, which suggests that it was not hijacked Boeing passenger airliners which struck the buildings. The reason why they engage in such blatant odious behavior is because they are the limited-hangout disinfo campaign which would have us all believe The Big Lie that the 9/11 attack was "blowback" from Osama and "alQueda" (ie, "evil suicidal Muslim hijackers of passenger airliners are to blame for 9/11"), and folks will stop believing that lie in a hurry if they ever come to believe that it wasn't "hijacked passenger airliners" which struck the buildings.

It's already dicey for Joe's friends, because most people still blame 9/11 on "suicidal Muslim hijackers" even though we already know that we cannot blame the collapses of the towers on "airplanes".