New 9/11 Video - WTC Demolition Set to Bach

This 10 minute video focusing on demolition is of great quality and very striking. Definitely spread this around, don't keep it to yourself.

you did it again, dz

you did it again, dz

doh, thanks.. i assumed i

doh, thanks.. i assumed i actually spelled those ~15 words right.. my bad ;)

Anyone know if David Ray

Anyone know if David Ray Griffins recent NYC appearances were recorded or available? I want to see that video presentation focusing on the controlled demolition and hear those NYFD tapes.Theres so much evidence to get lost in reguarding 911 I think its most important to focus on the true crux issue of the inside job that cant be dismissed due to any incompetence theroy.Everyone should check out the 911 video doccumentaries available at your local library.Ive seen some of the best video evidence available just from these off the shelf tapes includeing a clip of someone talking about how WTC7 was going to be collapseing before it even happened.I really dont know how we still dont have at least a handfull of NYC firemen who are willing to stand up for the truth and honor their fallen brothers by helping to break this thing wide open.

oopps-first time leaveing a

oopps-first time leaveing a comment(above) and didnt get my name in.So let me welcome myself to your great site and thank you for your efforts.Ive been on your site daily for about 7 months so Im late saying howdy.I was actually the last caller after DZ on a radio program out of DC a few monthes ago featureing David Ray Griffin.Peace.

JAYBIRD... that was you?

JAYBIRD... that was you? "The previous caller has a great site"... he really appreciated that.

Yes Sir.I wanted to go off

Yes Sir.I wanted to go off about a few things but I was lucky to get the 20 seconds as the last caller.It was an honor to say hello to David and I was trippin DZ made it on because I otherwise would have missed that show without his heads up.

Yea... dz gets all the

Yea... dz gets all the inside scoops.