Carrying 9/11 Related T-Shirts

I got an email a couple of days ago from letting me know they are carrying 9/11 related t-shirts.

It is pretty cool to see a t-shirt site owner decide to start carrying 9/11 related shirts. has been around over 3 years, and the prices of these shirts are nice and cheap at $9.11 each, and I got my shirt within 2 days. If you don't have a 9/11 shirt to wear grab one, or at least check em out ;)

My shirt showed up

My shirt showed up yesterday...

Whenever I want a new 9/11

or you can get a sharpie and

or you can get a sharpie and an undershirt.. ;)

j/k.. i've been very surprised at how good iron ons can come out, your just limited to white shirts..

dz wrote: "your just

dz wrote:

"your just limited to white shirts"

That is not true, Roger.

1. They are more expensive, but iron-on transfers for dark T-shirts are also available.

2. As I type this, I'm wearing an "arrest-me yellow" 9/11 Truth shirt. VERY eye-catching... Max visibility, especially with the sleeves decorated... (I wore it yesterday just to go vote; now today it's T-shirt weather here, so...)

wow, i didnt realize that,

wow, i didnt realize that, ill have to check that out.

btw, any reason you insist on calling me on a first name basis when no one else does?