Steve Hammons Voices 9/11 Suspicions

'Intelligence failures' prior to 9/11, Iraq war: Planned strategies?

Inquiries by the 9/11 Commission and the Senate Intelligence Committee into “intelligence failures” have blamed intelligence officers and intelligence agencies.

Some former CIA officers and others have expressed concerns that the commission’s and the committee’s investigations of so-called intelligence failures before 9/11 and before the Iraq invasion seemed to make scapegoats of dedicated intelligence professionals.
The 9/11 Commission did not report on a wide range of suspicious circumstances that indicated the 9/11 hijackers may have been under surveillance by U.S. officials or intelligence operations of other countries, outside and inside the U.S.

It did not answer all questions about U.S. air defense exercises and drills prior to and during 9/11 that reportedly confused U.S. air defense forces and air traffic controllers.

The commission did not report on allegations that certain powerful people reportedly claimed “a new Pearl Harbor” was needed to persuade the American people to support aggressive military activities in the Middle East, including the invasion of Iraq.

As has been widely reported, immediately after the 9/11 attacks, some government officials were focused on Iraq, even though there was no evidence of Iraq’s involvement.

Some people seem to think the commission assisted in a cover-up.

'Strength – Honor – Compassion' are words to live by in these times

In recent months, the ideas behind these words have come to the forefront in the sometimes complex debates about the 9-11 attacks, the Iraq war, the behavior of those in government and in the military, our dead and wounded troops, actions by the CIA and our intelligence community, interrogation of prisoners and the many elements of how we behave as human beings.

The 9-11 commission that investigated the many questions about those attacks came and went. Then came the Senate Intelligence Committee inquiry into false intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq. Were the 9-11 attacks wanted as a “new Pearl Harbor” by some within our own country?

Steve Hammons Bio:

He graduated from Ohio University, Athens, in 1977 with dual majors in health education (psychology focus) and communications (journalism focus), as well as graduate-level studies in guidance counseling.

He has worked as a journalist, editor, counselor, juvenile probation peace officer, public safety urgent response specialist, teacher, instructor and U.S. Government researcher.

Hammons received training in Army Special Forces operations while an officer trainee in Army ROTC at Ohio University in 1970-71. His ROTC Counter-Insurgency Group instructor/advisor was from the 5th Special Forces Group and had returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Hammons also attended two summer training activities of Special Forces reserve groups where he learned about SF concepts and operations, functioned as an indigenous asset for an SF B-Team S-1 and met other Special Forces personnel who had served in Vietnam.

I came across these today on

I came across these today on my daily search for "9/11 Stuff". They are very well thought out. I don't know who he is, but I'm glad he's a writer.

the 911 commission - ha. not

the 911 commission - ha. not only did they ignore many aspects of that day, they denied the existence of the 47 massive structural support beams that comprised the center of the 2 towers.

They didn't focus on A LOT

They didn't focus on A LOT of things. The articles, however, are good.

Right, who is Steve Hammon

Right, who is Steve Hammon anyway? A google search shows he's the author of 2 spy novels and is part or master of, a newsblog site designed to look like inside secret intelligence or something.

By the way, American Chronicle is one of those innumerable news/entertainment search engine sites set up for selling clicks, etc. They post mainstream credentialed journalists and also utilize paid "content providers", which is what novelist Steve Hammon appears to be. It's interesting they're posting 911 stuff.

I wish 911blogger had acknowledged all this as part of the main piece along with posting info from the bio on the guy's own website- maybe an update is in order? The bio can easily be true, but from the guy's articles, novels and websites it looks like his main deal is to sell stuff, which is fine, but i think it's good if that's disclosed, especially when his self-promotion is being posted elsewhere as something of note.

The phrase "intelligence

The phrase "intelligence failure" has been used by the perpetrators as a very special kind of red herring, one designed not just to throw trackers off the trail, but also to reinforce the limited hangout big lie that "9/11 was 'blowback' from Muslim terrorists".

"Some people seem to think the commission assisted in a cover-up."

Not me. I don't think they assisted in a cover-up. I'm certain that they are (a main portion of) the cover-up.