The '9/11 Truth Movement' raises questions about 9/11 attacks

Some Americans and people around the world are wondering more about the 9/11 attacks. Questions are being asked, information is surfacing and allegations are being made.

The “9/11 Truth Movement” is a phrase being used to describe a wide range of people and organizations in the U.S. and internationally who are asking these questions and digging up information that appears, on the surface, to be quite serious, if true.

Are these people conspiracy nuts? Delusional? Paranoid?

Some of these allegations do include stories of conspiracy, as well as cover-up and a possible “false flag” operation. A false flag action is one in which one party carries out an attack or helps facilitate an attack, but does so in a way so that blame is put on another party or nation.

Researchers within the 9/11 Truth Movement put forth interesting information and hypothesize about possible motivations for some people to want an event like the 9/11 attacks to occur.

OK, this is definitely

OK, this is definitely interesting that, part of a big-looking company's network of similar websites that sell advertising, carry entertainment + sports news, wire stories and publish material from "content providers", is posting anything on such a controversial idea as the official 911 story not being the whole truth, although Newsday and the NY Times have put out articles this year.

Steve Hammons does not take a position himself, just notes that people are asking questions and making allegations. He does give 10+ examples of some of the best evidence that not all the important questions have been answered and that there is grounds for a new investigation. As a novelist, "journalist" and website contributor, he is taking a career risk/calculation by leaving himself open to the same truth censorship agenda that is pressuring journalists associated with the mainstream to steer clear of 911 truth questions and issues.

People have already made alot of money off 911 by putting out sensational conspiracy stuff, WRH gets millions of hits a day, and the Zogby Poll 8/04 shows there are at least several million people in NYC that think our govt. was complicit in 911, so there is a wide audience. Perhaps '05 will be the year that 911 truth officially becomes a mainstream issue.