Author Links 9/11 To TWA Flight 800

Peter Lance’s new book, Cover up: What The Government Is Still Hiding About The War On Terror, links the crash of TWA Flight 800 to 9/11. Lance maintains that Ramzi Yousef who perpetrated the 1993 WTC bombing was responsible for the bombing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. Lance also wonders why the 9/11 Commission’s report does not report that three war games simulations were taking place. Two F-16’s were in the air eight minutes from the 9/11 sites.

Lance postulates that the commission left out vital details in its attempt avoid placing the blame for the tragedy on anyone but "terrorists." Lance also questions the use of former government workers who might have something to hide, on the staff of the commission.

Lance narrated a trip he took to the Philippines in April 2002 where he interviews Colonel Rodolfo B Mendosa whom he called the “Richard Clarke of the Philippines.” Colonel Mendoza had questioned a cohort of Yousef about several plots, one to kill the Pope, and another to blow up as many as11 jumbo jets with explosives placed under seats.

Peter Lance was the gummit

Peter Lance was the gummit shill who was on the Coast to Coast 911-roundtable with Mike Levine, Alex Jones and D.R. Griffin last summer. It seemed Lance's job was attacking and discrediting Jones, which he failed miserably at, and he just came off sounding childish & petulant, as Jones ignored all Lance's bait and stayed on message. But I was glad to see that the best/only approach the 2 gummit shills could do on the show was, limited hangouts, acknowledging anomalies with the offical CT-- rather than the old tact of denial & ridicule of real 911 researchers. It was a great leap forward. But until further notice Lance is a disinfo/limited hangout artist.

I was so annoyed at some of

I was so annoyed at some of the disinfo that Lance was propagating that I went back and analyzed the recording of the coast to coast show. You can see the details at

I was planning to add a

I was planning to add a similar comment about Lance after lunch and Im happy to see I was beat to it.This crunchnuts is a classic example of damage control as his book is aptly titled "Coverup". I just finished "Synthetic Terror" by Webster Tarpley. This is in my opinion the most reasonable case for how 911 was manufactured as well as likely motives. Tarpleys approach is as honest as David Ray Griffins with all the experience of a lifetime researching false flag terror. Anyone not already familiar with tarpley should check out his video presentation at and his radio appearances linked on Sorry for my lack of computer savvy not provideing direct links and my lack of punctuation for all you scholars.

staying on message.....what

staying on message.....what truly matters...seeking truth.

9/11 Skeptics: Truth Seekers? Agent Provocateurs? by JOHN KAMINSKI

IMHO, the role of TWA 800 to

IMHO, the role of TWA 800 to 9/11 primarily involved the subsequent cover-up, which served as practice for the 9/11 cover-up. I don't know whether James Kallstrom of the NTSB had an honest streak in him or what, but you'll note that the NTSB was shut out of the 4 (or 5?) 9/11 crash scene investigations.