Late Night Grab Bag

Haven't had a grab bag in a while. Got a couple of site updates, and a few links to old and new 9/11 related books. Check it out, make some comments.
Jim Hoffman's has reached version 1.000, which I assume means they have finished their content update in preparation for their upcoming book. You can find a history of what articles have been most recently updated here. It may be worth perusing to see if anything new has been added worth noting. has posted their $1 million dollar contest offering $1 million dollars to anyone who can prove how the WTC towers collapsed so quickly without the use of explosives. (I know this is a few weeks old, but better late than never.)

Thank Harry Reid ... (Action Item)
Dean wants everyone to thank Harry Reid for standing up to the republicans today. Got an email today suggesting we send him some 9/11 truth requests, make your voices heard.. or at least counted ;)

Retired Air Force Col: They lied to us about the war and about 9/11 itself
Audio download of a speech given by retired Air Force Col. Robert Bowman about 9/11. The transcript can be found here.

Through leaks and smears, Senate chairman protects White House to blame CIA, Democrats
Interesting article, with an interesting mention of Goss and the House-Senate 9/11 Panel.

Like Roberts, Goss is said to be "...under the spell of Vice-President Dick Cheney and that his presence on the joint 9/11 inquiry gave the administration a deal of protection."

Citizen Partridge: War of Terror [hip hop mix] (MP3 Download)

New 9/11 Resource: The Big Wedding (New Book)

The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers and the Cover-Up
by Sander Hicks
Vox Pop, 2005
180 pages, $14.00
ISBN: 09752763
Includes Index, Over 100 Footnotes, and Bibliography

The term "conspiracy theory," with the image it invokes of a cabal of black-hearted men who convene on a regular basis to consolidate their power, reduces alternate history to a cartoon. By using it to discredit, however, journalists only reveal how inadequate their inability to untangle webs the powerful weave makes them feel.

One who's undaunted by the degree of difficulty is Sander Hicks, who endeavors to shed new light on events leading up to 9/11 mostly through meetings with, if not remarkable men, remarkable maniacs. In fact, his book, The Big Wedding, named after Al Qaeda code for 9/11, could just as easily be called "My Adventures Covering the Terror Beat."

UK Book '911 REVEALED' favorably reviewed by Independent Called Misinformation by U.S. State Department (New Book)

The explosive book 911 Revealed has achieved another first: it is the leading topic in The US State Department's global "misinformation" page, where an unknown writer denounces the book as "putting forth bizarre conspiracy theories about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States" and giving "credence to a hodgepodge of sinister, unfounded allegations". But the authors say that the State Department's allegations against the book are themselves misinformation. The book was first in the Independent on Sunday's political Book chart (18 September, chart supplied by Amazon UK) and number 6 in the Daily Telegraph/Nielsen top ten non-fiction best-sellers (August 27). It even reached Amazon UK's top 30 titles, beating mass pulp fiction books and hugely hyped TV tie-ins. So far most TV producers in the UK have nonetheless chosen to ignore the book.

911 Revealed is published by Constable and Robinson in the UK and Carol and Graf in the USA and Canada

Co-author Ian Henshall said today:

"The Bush administration is unable to understand the difference between a book which examines sceptic theories and a book which espouses such theories. We hope that the lies and distortions in this review are not having the effect of bullying TV studios into operating an embargo on an important issue.

A more accurate description of 911 Revealed was expressed by terrorism writer Nick Fielding in the Sunday Times. He writes that we "have subjected the official version of what happened to intense scrutiny and found huge gaps". Is this what the US administration finds objectionable?

THE NEW PEARL HARBOR - David Ray Griffin (Online Book)
Got a request to relink to the online copy of this book, if you haven't read Griffin's books then get to it.

Now would be a great time

Now would be a great time for Scientific America and Popular Mechanics to back up their bullshit hit pieces on 911 skeptics by proveing the official conspiracy theory of the twin towers collapseing due to anything but controlled demolition.They could collect the one million dollars from Jimmy Walter(Reopen 911) and donate the winnings to charity. This would make great cover stories for them in addition to delivering a knockout punch to the evil 911 truth movement.Then everyone could take off their tinfoil hats and enjoy Fox News again.

Thanks for putting my mix up

Thanks for putting my mix up there DZ.

have you checked the website

have you checked the website for the state dept misinfo page?

here is one of their rebuttals to the book 911 goes like this...

According to the Kean Commission [9/11 Commission] Report (p. 168 ) in March 2000, [Mohammed Atta] “emailed 31 different U.S. flight schools on behalf of a small group of men from various Arab countries studying in Germany who, while lacking prior training, were interested in learning to fly in the United States.” Why would a terrorist openly approach flying schools in the USA this way?

The obvious answer, of course, is that Mohammed Atta was not afraid to openly approach flying schools in the United States because he presumably did not identify himself to them as a terrorist who wished to learn how to fly planes in order that he could crash one into the World Trade Center. This rather simple explanation seemed to have not occurred to the authors of 9/11 Revealed.

oh, it's so simple. did he also do lots of coke and and gamble and hang around loose women to put us off the trail of him being a muslim extremist?

should Atta be up for an oscar as well? apparently he played the part like De Niro would.