Vermont: Thugs assault 9/11 truth activist

What this Truther did takes a lot of courage.

From Greg Nixon via 911TruthAction Oct 30: "Today in Burlington at the town center next to a mall entrance, I held my six foot Sign "WAKE UP AMERICA, OUR REPUBLIC IS DEAD: 9/11 was a black op U.S. military attack." And had my first physical assault from a group of knuckleheads.

I always knew a confrontation was a real possibility, but until it happens….. I didn't realize that this is preferable to being ignored (the usual response) This issue IS powerful and I would expect those paying attention to get emotional.

The run in began with a U.S Navy Vet saying "I was fucking disgrace" .."We don't want you here…Go to Cuba" Guantanamo Bay? I responded. Then he wanted to get a gun and kill me. Nice American? Who hates his country? As this was going on I got charged from a Marine type from behind. After I got up a group of a good seventy people gathered and all were shouting. Cops? Nowhere! Normally they are always visible downtown.

All in all, it was a good day. Those who yell the loudest are those most afraid that this might be true.