Another Spectacular Bomb Montage

Thanks to RayRayJones for this. Very good, especially the second half of the video that concentrates on witness statements.

Edit: Errors in the video have been corrected, if you have distributed the link to the video, please redistribute.

Hooray, rayray. Nice work.

Hooray, rayray. Nice work.

having issues publishing..

having issues publishing.. hopefully it will get fixed tonight.

you guys are doing great

you guys are doing great publishing.

thanks bb :) man.. this mess

thanks bb :)

man.. this mess still isn't working.. im quite upset :(

hopefully it will fix itself.. if not i will try to come up with an alternative tommorrow evening..

until then post anything interesting here..

Great job with this video! I

Great job with this video! I would love to see this as a start to a full length dvd. Just keep adding every available video of the demolitions of the 3 buildings that can be found. Tie in the William Rodriguez story with the videos supporting his allegations includeing the Naudet video of the wtc lobby. All the pieces of a coverup is provable with the destruction of the evidence. All the official stories of the "collapse" are absurd. These buildings were built from the ground up. Not from the sky down. The idea that the twin towers ripped themselves apart and disintegrated because some area of the building a thousand feet above the lobby got hot is bonkers. If the buildings really did collapse from the airplane impacts and fire imagine the amount of attention that would have been given to this in order to take heat off the government for all their incompetence allowing these attacks to happen. Everyone who had anything to do with the design and construction of all 3 buildings would be explaining themselves to this day instead of this "its noones fault" attitude. I dont beleive there would be this sweep it all under the rug attitude if "they" could legitimately blame the majority of these lives lost on someone elses incompetence. I remember the day after 911 reading how we were so fortunate the buildings were designed to pancake rather than fall over because we would have lost so many more lives. This is complete Jedi mindtrick B.S.! Its sick how every sheep I try talking to about 911 all have the same "implanted" arguments that have no grounds in reality. "Building 7 fell because of the fuel being stored in the building" (even tho they have never seen the videos). "Other steel frame buildings havent been hit with airplanes full of jet fuel" (even tho the building were so strong you cant even see them move when they get hit by airplanes flying hundreds of miles per hour or people standing in impact holes toasting marshmellows). "The south tower fell first because it was hit lower thus there was more weight on the damaged area stupid" (as if the buildings being built from the ground up wouldnt have been designed with the proportionate strength necessary regaurdless of where the impact occured). "The buildings were designed to withstand a airplane impact but they forgot about the consideration for fuel" (laughter). I think they "pulled" the south tower first because the fires were so minimal they couldnot wait any longer or there wouldnot of even been any smoke left. I think "they" probably expected the fires to be so bad that the firefighters would not have been in the buildings attempting to fight them possibly. Ill chill out now. Again great video brother.

I dont mean to pull a

I dont mean to pull a Colombo but "one more thing". How many lives would have been saved if the south tower would have been evacuated after the north tower was hit? If noone is supposed to be suprised these buildings fell shouldnt they have at least evacuated the south tower reguardless of falling debris from the north? No. People were ordered back to their desks to wait for the next known hijacked airplane heading toward them. Ill really stop now dz.

heh, what a shame, i've seen

heh, what a shame, i've seen the video several times. is great. wanted to go to the site again, and mail it to a few others, and the site says it has been removed from the database....cold feet???
can the video be seen or downloaded somewhere else?

the video was updated to fix

the video was updated to fix a text error, it should be available by clicking the image in this article..

please let me know if there are any further issues.