Is it OK to criticize "Truth Seekers"?

Another interesting read by Eric:

Are we dividing and destroying the 9-11 movement?

Or are we cleaning our house of trash?

by Eric Hufschmid
3 Nov 2005

Dividing or Cleaning?
Insults are bad;
exposing crime is good

It is true that when members of a group fight among themselves, they become less effective.

However, is also true that a group must clean itself of incompetent leaders and criminals.

Therefore, we need to distinguish between the disruptive fighting that can weaken a group, and the beneficial fighting that cleanses an organization of its incompetence and criminal activity.

If the fighting involves nothing more than insults, it is usually disruptive. Insults are sometimes useful, however, because they can act like a slap in the face to force a person to look at an issue differently.

If the fighting involves serious analyses of behavior, by comparison, it is usually helpful because it can identify the incompetent or corrupt leaders. Not surprisingly, crummy leaders will try to suppress analyses of themselves.
I don't worry about disrupting the 9/11 movement because I don't see any 9-11 movement. Instead, I see two categories of 9-11 activists:

1) Individual citizens who work on their own
I refer to these people as an invisible army because most of them are ordinary citizens, and we will never know their names. Most of them may affect only a few other people, but there are thousands of them, and they are scattered around the world. They are having a significant effect.

2) Organizations

Example are,, and Veterans for Peace. The members of these groups work together under the guidance of leaders.

When I complain about the leadership in the 9-11 movement, the peace movement, the labor unions, the school system, the corporations, and our government, I hear endless excuses.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have dozens of excuses for their crummy leaders; the members of the MoveOn organization have excuses for their incompetent leadership; and the members of the Veterans For Peace have excuses for their crummy leadership.
We are not dividing the nation when we stand up to our leaders. Rather, we are cleaning our house of incompetence and corruption. We are exposing the crummy leaders and criminals.

There is NO SUCH THING as

There is NO SUCH THING as "beneficial fighting". It serves NO PURPOSE other than to take time away from any activism people set out to do. You should be SO FREAKIN' BUSY spreading the truth that "beneficial fighting" shouldn't even enter into your mind. As Eric said previously, this is NOT a game. These people murdered Americans, and 1000's of people around the world.

UNITY is the ONLY way we'll defeat them. There is ONLY strength in numbers, and every "beneficial fight" you partake in dwindles those numbers, and splinters us as a movement.

I will say this... if you

I will say this... if you doubt anyone's 9/11 work in particular, then don't use it. There is PLENTY we all agree on.

when has said

when has said ANYTHING substanitive about 9/11?fuck them cowards.

Isn't it hard enough

Isn't it hard enough fighting "them"?

I don't consider

I don't consider a relevant organization for what we're trying to do. They're a pro-Democratic Party organization, and we all know how corrupt those bastards are as well.

MoveOn is funded by

MoveOn is funded by Soros,

Soros is an investor in Carlyle

MoveON will go no where near 9-11

General drift of this

General drift of this discussion is good.
We should nail the gatekeepers, COINTELPRO operatives and con-artists with specific, detailed analysis and background checks.
But we shouldn't waste undue time and resources on these traitors and fools.
Nail them and then get back on track to educate the masses about the basics of 9/11:
1) Controlled demolitions of WTC7 and the Towers
2) Impossibility of the Pentagon hit without a deliberate NORAD stand-down
3) CIA and State Dept. sponsorship and setting up of the Arab patsies with visas and "flight-school training" legends
4) MEDIA COMPLICITY in the hoax of the century - faked videos and planted evidence
5) Systematic destruction of actual evidence at the Towers, Pentagon and at Shanksville
6) Continued ongoing lies and cover-up by both political parties
7) Likelihood that these regime gangsters will try to do more of the same....

Hey L E, number 1 and number

Hey L E, number 1 and number 2 on your list are the best way to go in my opinion.

Buildings do NOT disintegrate, and flight school flunkies can NOT outsmart a trillion dollar defense system.

Simple logic tells us both of these are impossible, why waste time fighting amongst ourselves? We have better things to do.

I agree, there are more

I agree, there are more important things to do - one item that I've found people really snap to is the lack of any 757 debris and the pristine state of the lawn at the pentagon - that's a good place for people to start in checking out 911 for themselves - also, I use a sharpie marker and write ez to remember url's on convenient locations such as restroom walls and bus stop benches, and on bills of all denominations - ie:

Eric paints DBS as some kind

Eric paints DBS as some kind of role model, but I have my doubts about him, and here's a reason why:

Has anyone else noticed that DBS is among those who castigates Karl Schwarz for everything except the work he has contributed to the cause of advancing the truth about 9/11?
(If there's something wrong with Karl's 9/11 work, shouldn't DBS and/or Eric mention that? But if there's nothing wrong with Karl's 9/11 work, then why attack him for having bad breath or dirty underwear or even for being deceptive in other areas of his life, instead of embracing such a valuable contribution?)

Now that's what I call nonproductive divisive distractive "fighting", and also misdirection, a form of disinformation. (I consider the source AFTER I consider the source's information, not before, and certainly not instead of... Content-based filtering is superior to source-based filtering, but it's more difficult, because labels can't do your thinking for you that way.)

OTOH, pointing out the wolves in sheepdog's clothing among us, such as Kyle Hence (911truth [sic] and 911citizenswatch) and John Judge (911citizenswatch), David Kubiak (911truth [sic]), etc, etc, and all the others who pretend to oppose the government's 9/11 lies (much the way Dems pretend to oppose Reps, but have never once questioned Bush about his incriminating 9/11 witness statements!) but hush/bottle/cover up the same lie-breaking evidence as does the lying government, is merely basic Enemy Recognition 101.