Fire Starts at Petronas Towers in Malaysia

Yet another example of how fire does not cause steel framed high rises to disintegrate:

Fire in a movie complex in Malaysia's iconic Petronas Twin Towers late Friday night triggered panic among patrons who fled screaming and coughing in the thick, acrid smoke, witnesses said. There were no reports of injuries.
The glass-and-steel Petronas Twin Towers, once the world's tallest before being upstaged by a building in Taiwan, are located in downtown Kuala Lumpur and are Malaysia's most famous landmark, symbolizing the country's economic progress.

The 1,483-foot buildings, which house only offices and a shopping mall, were largely empty because of the late hour and the only people affected appeared to be moviegoers and some diners in a few restaurants, according to Panda and other witnesses.

You could have sprayed jet

You could have sprayed jet fuel on the twin towers for days and that steel frame and core would still be standing there.

Hahaha, comments from

Hahaha, comments from regarding this story:

"Oh boy; Any second those babies will come down just like the World Trade Towers. Any second now... Any second... Gonna come right down... Any second ......... wanna go get a beer or something?"

Here's the BBC article: