May 2001 - The National Energy Policy Development Group

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By Michael Ruppert

This secret task force, which fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keeps its records and deliberations secret from the public, is for me the place where the deepest darkest secrets of both the September 11th attacks and government's awareness of Peak Oil lie buried. The task force convened just as the first 20 out of 25 wells drilled in the Caspian Basin came up dry holes. In "Crossing the Rubicon" I discuss the meager seven pages of NEPDG records released after lawsuits which confirm the group's obsession, not with oil discovery, conservation (economic stagnation) or energy substitutes, but with where the known oil was, who owned it and apparently who had to be dealt with to get it. The public report of the NEPDG told us, just four months before the 9/11 attacks:

  • "America in the year 2001 faces the most serious energy shortage since the oil embargoes of the 1970s."
  • "Estimates indicate that over the next 20 years, US oil consumption will increase by 33 percent, natural gas consumption by well over 50 percent, and demand for electricity will rise by 45 percent."
  • "US energy consumption is expected to increase by about 32 percent by 2020. Between 2000 and 2020, US natural gas demand is projected by the Energy Information Administration to increase by more than 50 percent. Yet we produce 39 percent less oil today than we did in 1970, leaving us ever more reliant on foreign suppliers. On our present course, America 20 years from now will import nearly two of every three barrels of oil Ñ a condition of increased dependency on foreign powers that do not always have America's interests at heart."

I don't buy the Peak Oil

I don't buy the Peak Oil business anymore. Check this link out:
see if that doesn't convince you that the energy companies aren't creating artificial scarcity.

Ditto. "Peak Oil" is a scam.

Ditto. "Peak Oil" is a scam. Ruppert is a big oil shill.

So then why should we

So then why should we believe anything he's said? Should we completely disregard all of his information?

BTW... what are the oil

BTW... what are the oil companies in business for? To make money. To make LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of money. The fact that they limited refinery production to make even more money isn't surprising. They don't care about us. They care about the bottom dollar.

With that in mind, do you think the oil companies see "Peak Oil" as a crisis, or an opportunity? There is a PLETHORA of information available that shows we're peaking. It didn't come from Ruppert. He didn't "create" the "Peak Oil Scare".

So, if the oil companies promote "Peak Oil" to scare us into paying more for gas, how is that any different than any other "marketing scheme" to make money?

They don't care if we run out of oil. All they care about is that they make ENORMOUS sums of money in the process.

The bottom line is, "Peak

The bottom line is, "Peak Oil" is one of those topics that we can neither confirm or deny. We can only read what the experts are telling us, and come to our own conclusions. Oil is most definitely a reason for 9/11. Just look at the base placement within Afghanistan. All of our bases follow right along the Caspian Sea pipeline. What was our priority when invading Iraq? To protect the pipelines.

Here's a good question. Do

Here's a good question. Do you think oil is limitless?

Good points Jon. I happen to

Good points Jon. I happen to believe Ruppert and the Peak Oilers. I also believe the oil companies are taking advantage to make money. Oil can't be limitless, but when it peaks is very debatable.

In more promising news (possibly), here's info about a new energy source that's cheap and pollution free:

Sorry if I stepped on some

Sorry if I stepped on some toes. I realize Ruppert has his fans and his case against Cheney is a good one BUT he "sold out" to the 9/11 truth movement. This is not acceptable. "Peak Oil" is also not logical. I do not believe the "fossil fuel" theory. That is just too many dead dinosaurs for my mind to handle if you get my drift.

You didn't step on anyone's

You didn't step on anyone's toes, we should all feel free to express our opinions as long as its done constructively. And we shouldn't take offense when someone has a different opinion then ourselves.

We have to remain open minded, we don't know what the whole truth is yet. This is not about who is right or wrong, it is about the truth. We have to be willing to abandon old theories and embrace new ones when the evidences dictates that we do so.

There are those that feel it has to be their theory or nothing, if someone doesn't agree with them, they're disinfo. Lets not be like them, lets instead work towards a common goal, and that includes communicating without fear of being attacked. How will we ever get to the bottom of this mess if we are afraid to express ourselves?

Post opinions positively, backed by evidence if possible. Post responses to those opinions positively, again, backed by evidence if possible.

Good boy SBG.

Good boy SBG.

Yeah maddog... you didn't

Yeah maddog... you didn't step on anyone's toes... you're entitled to your opinion, and entitled to voice it...

One other thing to add:

One other thing to add: fossil fuels are supposed to be found, at their deepest point, at 3000-4000 feet below ground. YET, it is true that there has been a plethora of oil found 5000-6000 feet below. Some believe that oil is abiotic; i.e., it's not from dead dinosaurs. Possibly the earth just manufactures it.