150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media

Last updated: 10/30/05


  • Of the 18 PNAC members who urged the US to remove Saddam in '98, 10 will be in the new Bush Admin. (ABC)
  • Sept. 10, Former Pres. and ex-CIA dir. Bush Sr. met with Osama's brother at Carlyle Group meeting in D.C. (Washington Post) and is at the White House morning of attacks. (CBS)
  • Sen. Graham, Rep. Goss, and other US Intel committee members have meeting morning of 9/11 with Paki ISI director who had authorized $100,000 wire transfer to Atta. (Wall St Journal, Washington Post)
  • Elite Israeli military commando who understands Arabic is seated near all hijackers on Flight 11. (WorldNetDaily)
  • Bush twice says he saw WTC plane crash live on TV at Booker Elementary. (Boston Herald, White House)
  • Bush proceeds with scheduled reading event after Rice tells him a commercial plane hit the WTC. (9/11 Commission)
  • Chief of Staff Card whispers to Bush about 2nd WTC crash and says 'America is under attack' and immediately leaves without seeing if Bush would respond. (Boston Herald)
  • After being told of attacks, Bush picks up book and reads with kids for 11 mins and after finishing, takes a few questions from kids before leaving. (FOX, St. Petersburg Times)
  • Bush gives speech at school exactly the same time he was scheduled to make speech there day before. (Federal News Service)
  • Solicitor Gen. Ted Olson--who has admitted the US gov't lies and helped stopped FL recount that sealed '00 Bush win--claims wife Barbara called him collect from Flight 77 twice and is sole source that hijackers used box cutters. (9/11 Commission, MSNBC, USA Today)
  • Israeli spies caught cheering while filming themselves with WTC burning in background. (ABC, The Forward)
  • Sept. 6, large put options placed on United, American Airlines, Boeing and some purchases made through bank which used to be headed by Exec. CIA Director Buzzy Krongard. (Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle)
  • Bush is never evacuated by Secret Service from School. (Globe & Mail)
  • Air Force Gen. Myers claims was never informed 2nd WTC crash and only became aware of it about same time Pentagon hit. (DoD)
  • Former Israeli PM Netanyahu is asked what 9/11 attacks meant Israeli/US relations and he replies "It's very good." (CBS)
  • Bush Admin allows Bin Laden family and top Saudi officials to evacuated from US before general public flight restrictions were lifted. (NY Times, Tampa Tribune)
  • Bush signs Airline Transportation Stabilization Act which if 9/11 victim's families except, they can't sue airlines or US gov't for any reason. (Gurdian, LA Times)
  • Rumsfeld says in a magazine interview that Pentagon was hit by a "missile." (DoD)
  • Bush refers to 9/11 as "an interesting day." (White House)
  • Madrid bombings happen exactly 911 days after 9/11. (News 24, Snopes.com)


sbg, you sed this: Rumsfeld

sbg, you sed this:

Rumsfeld says in a magazine interview that Pentagon was hit by a "missile." (DoD)

do you have a link with a quote for that? I believe that he did say that, but I would like to be able to throw that in someone's face -

sbg, never mind bud, I

sbg, never mind bud, I figured it out.

Spread it around dude!!!

Spread it around dude!!! Thats an oldie, but a goodie.

This is a very good

This is a very good collection of articles.

Odigo says workers were

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

By Yuval Dror

Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.

Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI.

"I have no idea why the message was sent to these two workers, who don't know the sender. It may just have been someone who was joking and turned out they accidentally got it right. And I don't know if our information was useful in any of the arrests the FBI has made," said Macover. Odigo is a U.S.-based company whose headquarters are in New York, with offices in Herzliya.

As an instant messaging service, Odigo users are not limited to sending messages only to people on their "buddy" list, as is the case with ICQ, the other well-known Israeli instant messaging application.

Odigo usually zealously protects the privacy of its registered users, said Macover, but in this case the company took the initiative to provide the law enforcement services with the originating Internet Presence address of the message, so the FBI could track down the Internet Service Provider, and the actual sender of the original message.