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An obvious hit piece that dismisses anyone that questions the official story without addressing any of the issues. Seeing as how NY FireFighters are driving trucks into 9/11 movie sets in New York, maybe the media felt it was time for some damage control.

The truth is out there - maybe


November 6, 2005

Sept. 11 conspiracy theories have edged into the mainstream.

In September, Fire Department chaplain candidate Imam Intikab Habib questioned whether Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida were responsible for the attacks, then quickly withdrew from the job. A short time later came a two-day conference in New York City that was built around the charge that "controlled demolition" brought down the World Trade Center.
As a cultural phenomenon, though, it's all been seen before: This is a conspiracy nation, and it has been almost since its founding. Those who study conspiracy rhetoric say beliefs in various 9/11 cabals are entirely predictable, that conspiracy narratives, ranging from the thoughtful and plausible to the fringy and fanciful, always have been threaded throughout American culture.

A recurring trend, conspiracy theories tend to emerge after major national events as a means of making sense of the senseless.

"The most ambitious conspiracy theories are, in a way, oddly comforting to the people who hold them," said Michael Barkun, a professor of political science at Syracuse University and the author of "A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America," published in 2003.
"Fear easily turns to paranoia when there is a climate of distrust that the government is participating in, when you cannot trust your information sources," Siegel said.

That in turn spawns conspiracy theories, which columnist Christopher Hitchens calls "the white noise which moves in to fill the vacuity of the official version."

For all the transfiguring awfulness of 9/11, subsequent conspiracies have not overtaken the public imagination the way the Kennedy assassination did in 1963, a skepticism that persists to this day.

For some relief, see the

For some relief, see the last section, "Kernels of Truth," which includes

"... sometimes they hint at a larger truth.

Or they are exactly on target ..."

Yeah something must be up.

Yeah something must be up. The HISTORY Channel broadcast when the towers fell- last night. I'm pretty sure this was a rebroadcast I watched the last half hour curious if they would show tower 7 of course no mention of it, I guess WTC7 must still be a concern for the controllers. And probably still the best way to breach the cover-up. I was surprised to hear (be it only one person making) a statement on the huge explosion. The broadcast also included the sound of the explosive collapses. But was cut and remixed intermittent with music but you could still make out the tat tat tat tat tat tat sorta like a machine gun but exactly like demos going off. So why this flurry?? To reactivate the brainwashed public to improve polling. Or is the truth close to settling into the mindset of the rest of america??
This morning Wolf had Gilipsie backing bush and his preemptive strike policy with post9-11 rhetoric. This after a clip of President Carter denouncing such policies as dangerouly un-American.
They also are ready to launch the campaign against North Korea with clip s of an upcoming broadcast claiming abuse of the people there. I'm sure that muslims from Irag and Syria are throwing the babies out of their incubators.

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