Denial Stops Here Preview - Michael Ruppert's New DVD

Michael Ruppert is close to releasing a new DVD about peak oil and 9/11. The video preview is available here. It was supposed to go on sale the first week of November, so I would assume it will be available very soon.

DENIAL STOPS HERE: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond -

I was going to join the

I was going to join the discussion on fridays Ruppert/peak oil post but Ill do it here since its more recent to be read. I am a fan of "Rubicon" and "Truth and Lies" and support getting 911 truth out to the public. However Ruppert set off my bullshit detector last year at a 911 citizens commission(Toronto I beleive). Ruppert said he had a important announcement to make saying Cynthia Mckinney was going to be returning to congress and would surely get John Kerry to use 911 truth to win the election. Ruppert of all people had to know this was complete bullshit and that skull and bones Kerry was not going to spill the beans to the world to win any election. Did Ruppert also beleive once in office Kerry would release the millions of non-violent drug offenders from prison as well? Ruppert presented this as a limited window of oppurtunity to do anything usefull with 911 truth. Once skull and bones Bush "won" and the bogus 911 Commission report came out Ruppert declared 911 was now a dead issue and it was best "we" all find somewhere to live where we could grow our own food and collect gold bars for future saveings. The oil elite control the mass media so I hardley think they are useing Ruppert to justify inflated prices at the pump to 911 truthers. Rupperts motivation might be to convince "us" that seeking justice for the crimes of 911 is a waste of time considering the forthcoming doom of peak oil. 911 was such an obvious fraud it was only a matter of time we found out without his help anyway. He also has from day one directed attention away from the idea that the controlled demolition could ever be proved in a court of law. If this ever did somehow enter a court of law the war games would be a lot easier to dismiss as bad timeing and the book would be legally closed in court as well. I think at best this case can only be won in the court of public opinion. Couldnt the disintegration of billion pound buildings be proven with science regaurdless of remaining phisical evidence? I still want to check out Rupperts new video preferably for free. I think protecting the dollar over the euro was more of an immediate concern than peak oil. Stealing oil resevres and building strategic military bases was high on the list of objectives as well. Was Kerry going to solve the peak oil crisis as well? Now I should go run and start farming? What army is going to protect my food when millions of you are starveing?.

I agree 100%

I agree 100%

Demolition proves it 100%,

Demolition proves it 100%, the wargames has the potential of letting them off the hook.

i lost all respect for

i lost all respect for Ruppert when he made the comment that "9/11 truth is dead".i read Crossing The Rubicon,good book.but he failed to take the final leap like David Ray Griffin.

Like the guy, or not.... he

Like the guy, or not.... he has brought more solid and fruitful research to the 911 movement then any other individual to date. Is he a little full of himself,...? quite possibly.

Like the guy or not can

Like the guy or not can anyone make an argument to defend him on the points I made? Id really like to feel differently because I think he is a brilliant guy and a great speaker. I was so happy he was at Mckinneys congressional hearing because at least someone was suggesting this was not some kind of incompetence. Lets share ideas here. Mikes video is how I first became exposed to this issue and I will never forget that. I still have to wonder....