Which conspiracy theory do you believe?


My letter to the editor of Newsday:

Esteemed Editor:

Mary Voboril's article "Conspiracy Theories: The Truth is Out There" regarding the events of September 11, 2001 was of keen personal interest to me, as one who was present in the World Trade Center that morning, and also as an attendee at the "two-day conference" mentioned in the article.

It seems to me that we really haven't a choice in believing or disbelieving "9/11 conspiracy theories" in general, but rather which conspiracy theory to believe, including the "official" conspiracy promulgated by the Bush Administration and the "9/11 Commission".

Indeed, there was a conspiracy, as "conspiracy" comes from the Latin for "to breathe together" and I've yet to meet anyone who proposes that all four airplanes hijacked themselves that morning.

I'm sorry to say that the official version is presented to us by a most dubious source, with a most serious track record for disseminating disinformation about non-existent "weapons of mass destruction" and impossible links between the religious fanatic Osama bin Laden and the staunch secularist Saddam Hussein.

Of course there are plenty of other theories, some worthy of further examination, others quite dismissable.

I myself am not yet ready to subscribe to any one to the exclusion of others.

However, I can tell you which one I reject out of hand.

Great letter this guy wrote.

Great letter this guy wrote.

9/11 was indeed a conspiarcy

9/11 was indeed a conspiarcy of some breed. I think there needs to be a new--independent--investigation, especially with WTC Building #7.