WingTV Interviews Webster Tarpley

WingTV interviewed Webster Tarpley, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror today.

You can find it on their Today's Show page until their next show tomorrow. If anyone knows where to find archives of their shows to use as a more permanent link please let me know.

EDIT: You can find this show in an archive here.

Whats up with the security

Whats up with the security code on the wings site. is this the site run by suspected disinformationist? Sure I am paranoid but arent we supposed to be?

WING TV are jokers, this

WING TV are jokers, this sould'nt have been put up lol!

i think an interview with

i think an interview with tarpley is worth covering.. although i don't like their frequent attack articles..

Wing TV has a habit of

Wing TV has a habit of attacking anyone who doesnt agree with them 100%.they did a hatchet job on Alex jones, Mike Ruppert etc.makes you think what their motives are.

WingTV is exactly what you

WingTV is exactly what you don't want to see in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I think they had the Tarpley

I think they had the Tarpley interview to establish credibility. Why they attack other 9/11 activists is beyond me.

I agree with Jon Gold and

I agree with Jon Gold and maddog (I suspect maddog is from Closer Look?)

Anyway, the only credibility they have comes from VyzyGoth. None of the major alt media sites support the WingNuts which says something IMO. I have spoken to many webmasters and alt media site owners who point blank refused WingTV invotations to appear on their show. Myself included.

I have sent several emails to them (in fact, I know at least 20 people who have) and all we get is abusive replies from Lisa.

I agree with some of the things they say (i.e. Jones being funded by the mainstream media) but I think they are just here to divide us.

IMO it is better to ignore those who try to divide us, by not giving them the attention they need - they can only cry wolf for so long, before everybody stops listening.

They do it for one reason

They do it for one reason definitely, and my paranoid side tells me there's another.

What made Howard Stern what he is today? He was "controversial".

People have learned that "controversy", in any form, brings ratings. That's all WingTV does when they attack other people in the 9/11 Truth Movement. They create "controversy".

That's the first reason.

My paranoid side tells me that they are exactly what most of us think they are. Paid to do what they do.

I have no proof of this, therefore it's just a "theory".

I will say this. If you think the "Powers That Be" wouldn't spend money to counter our efforts, then you are SORELY mistaken.

It could come in ways we don't even see. However, WingTV is so blatent in their critiques, one almost HAS to think they are the "opposition".

Exactly Darwin. Although, I

Exactly Darwin. Although, I didn't know that regarding Alex. I never bothered looking into it... I'm too busy to bother.

"Although, I didn't know

"Although, I didn't know that regarding Alex."

apparently, the network that runs those stations are ABC affiliates...therefore Alex Jones is a shill.....according to them.....(i think that is how it goes)

To me Alex Jones is my anti-limbaugh, loud, in your face, with a unique perspective (and sometimes inaccurate), but no one is perfect.

but as you, Jon, have stated, many people have contributed incredible amounts of research to the movement and therefore they shouldn't be completely dismissed...i think the really outlandish theories supported by no evidence are fair game though.

Besides Alex was there from day one calling out the BS. i give him credit for that. he was one of the first sites i found online in my search for answers.

someone brilliant once said, "No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth"

....who was that guy? :)

WingTV knows nothing as far

WingTV knows nothing as far as I'm concerned. ;) Other than how to get ratings.

nice Jon!

nice Jon!

Our enemy is not each other.

Our enemy is not each other. Always try to remember that.

"I pledge allegiance to the

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all."

Those words used to mean something to me as a kid growing up. Before all the controversy regarding "Under God", etc...

Didn't they mean something to all of you?

I think I started all this

I think I started all this jibber jabber. I was glad dz put up the link because I love Webster and Wing TV is not going to steer him off track. I find Lisa and Victor as annoying as television evangilists most the time and there are periods of weeks I dont even bother looking at their site. I just happened to see Tarpley was on so I thought it might be of interest. I dont really care who is hosting whatever show as long as the guest is worth checking out. I think Wing TV spends way too much time sniveling and bitching and as obsessed as I am with 911 truth I couldnt even sit thru that "911 on trial" video. I really havent seen anything to make me think they are "agents" and to say one thing positive they do push the demolitions as the crux issue of 911. They also had the balls to stand at ground zero with a "world trade center controlled demolition" banner which I think is the last thing the establishment wants to see regaurdless of them looking like a freak show to many. Was Alex Jones at ground zero on 911? I still respect him but I dont think he would put any of his profits towards the cause. Does anyone buy those $40 tshirts he sells to help get the word out? PLEASE! Ruppert has been begging for donations on his site. I guess all his gold investments are tied up rite now. I dont give a shit about Wing TV for the record. Peace out my brothers.

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