9/11 Mass Murderer of Americans getting standing ovations...in America?

Here is a posting at a 911TruthAction group by Greg Nixon asking a very valid question. The perpetrators of 9/11 should not be able to walk outside their doors without running into one of us, never mind getting standing ovations at colleges.

If we could all put our differences aside long enough to ensure there are several of us at every event that these guys attend, we would be having a much bigger impact:


What's wrong with Americans? Or should I say with the 9/11 truth
movement! How can this man be getting standing ovations on American
soil? How can Americans applaud one of the real Osama's responsible
for 2,749 dead? This man has to be put in his place and soon! This is
beyond disgusting!!!

NEW ROCHELLE — Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani praised
President Bush's handling of the war on terrorism — including the
conflict in Iraq — last night, but said New Yorkers should still
expect another attack.

The crowd, which gave Giuliani a standing ovation when he took the
stage, was three times larger than that any of the previous speeches
given in the series,(cont..)


I'm there!!! I made that

I'm there!!! I made that decision last August, thanks to a suggestion from Christopher Bollyn, AFP. I was at the reconvening of the Citizen's Grand Jury in Los Angeles. Chris called in, and at the end of the call, he told us that Bush would be in town the following week (if I have my dates right) and he suggested that we show up in force with a huge sign(s). To my disappointment, that idea seemed to fall on deaf ears. But not on mine.

This was the Rancho Cucamonga event, which I was quite surprised wasn't cancelled. After all, that was the very morning that Katrina hit.

I stapled one of those large "Stop The 9/11 Cover-up" signs (only 80 cents at peaceproject.com) to a piece of foam-board, and on the other side, painted "Bush Knew" in big letters. I showed up. The turn-out was huge, although I only found a few other truthers there, and no one else from the LA group. Still, alot of people there were quite aware that the official story is a lie.

Now I have my sign ready to go at any given moment. As well as a stack of Deception Dollars and other hand-outs. A few more people are starting to turn out from 911truthla.us. Since then, we have welcomed Colin Powell (Come Clean Colin), Bush again to the Reagan Library (just me and a very small crowd, but honorable, including Iraq Veterans Against The War). Also Sept. 24 in LA and Nov. 2, World Can't Wait. (I missed Hillary -- darn!) I think we should tag along with events planned for the State of the Union in January (date not set) and also March 19, anniversary of the start of the war.

Any time any of these ****ers comes to town, we need to be there! I think this type of visibility is extremely important. If there are enough of us, maybe one of our signs might accidently end up being shown on TV!!!

And anyone who doesn't yet have a 9/11 Truth bumpersticker ... get one now and slap it on! (You can put it on the window, if you want.)

Way to go Randy!! We need

Way to go Randy!! We need to organize this somewhere...

You guys are doing a great

You guys are doing a great job here. I check out your site every time I turn on my computer.

It can be difficult to nail down their schedules. Takes a little digging.

Thanks Randy, I'm gonna talk

Thanks Randy, I'm gonna talk to Gold to see if he'd be willing to put an Action section on his bulletin board to try to co-ordinate these events.