Moussaoui's life depends on what U.S. knew before 9/11

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The fact that the U.S. government overlooked numerous warning signs in the run-up to the September 11 attacks is an old story that is being used in a new way in the Zacarias Moussaoui case. It could save his life.

With the admitted al Qaeda conspirator facing a death penalty trial early next year, the judge framed a key question in a recent closed-door hearing: Even if Moussaoui had told the FBI everything that he knew, would that have enabled the government to avert the 2001 terrorist strikes?
For example, the month before the terrorist strikes, CIA Director George Tenet was briefed about Moussaoui's arrest in Minnesota.

"Your honor ... he was given a slide show," attorney Edward MacMahon said of Tenet. "In August of 2001, Tenet was given a presentation called 'Islamic Extremist' or 'Islamic Fundamentalist Learns to Fly."'