New York picks SAIC to secure WTC site

Does it make any sense to have any security at the WTC site? Because when a 'terrorist' decides to strike, all the security provisions put in place will be noticeably absent anyway. Norad will stand down, bomb sniffing dogs will be removed, buildings will be powered down, etc. Oh well, gotta convince the public that they are being protected right?

New York Gov. George Pataki's office said yesterday that San Diego's SAIC has been hired to help authorities create a master security plan for the World Trade Center site while it is being rebuilt.

The amount of the contract was under negotiation.

The comprehensive planning effort will coordinate all aspects of security for redevelopment of the World Trade Center site, from security design through construction, occupancy and operations.

SAIC will be getting lots of

SAIC will be getting lots of 'exposure' here next year. Last year, the Dems put a 32nd degree Mason as a candidate to run against the entrenched Congressional champion of the military-industrial complex (Joel Hefley). Next year, it apparently is to be a man named Jay Fawcett, who is an SAIC employee.

I spoke with Jay, about 9/11, of course, at the meeting at which news broke of his probable candidacy. Imagine my surprise when he, whom I'd never met or even heard of, quoted me (from here) to me (where I quote the 9/11 Commission Report's "10 seconds")! His way of "breaking" my unbreakable physics analysis?: He said that the 9/11 Commission report, which he fully supports, was flawed in that the collapses actually took minutes! (I broke off the chat at that ludicrous point. I've talked to him twice since then and he's made an equal hole of himself each time. One time when I got him to again contradict himself, I asked him if he had any special training dealing with disinformation. He immediately replied, "I teach it.")

But "employee" is the wrong word. SAIC is employee-owned! It's as if they've found a way to make the military-industrial complex into a pyramid scheme, so even working Americans can personally profit and thus benefit from 9/11!

Regarding 9/11, SAIC seems to be dirty up to at least its elbows, if not its armpits, if not its eyeballs.

Collapses too minutes!!!!

Collapses too minutes!!!! holy crap, now I've heard everything.