The Howard 100 News Wants To Hear From You

You heard it folks, they want to hear from us, so have your say. While some may not approve of Howard Stern, he is a pretty good example of someone who can admit when they were wrong regarding Bush and the war. These days you can hear him talk about the need to get out of Iraq immediately.

Lately he has also been mentioning global warming and also has a link on his website promoting alternative fuels, citing the need to lessen our dependence on oil. Thanks to his girlfriend, he has also been mentioning the plight of homeless animals quite a bit too.

And occasionally, 9/11 truth slips out on his show, thats where I was initially exposed to the truth a little over a year ago. I frequently send emails to them hoping that one day they'll end up on their news segments. Now we have another method:

The Howard 100 News Team would like to hear from you. You can leave them a message at 1-877-33-SIRIUS (7474). Leave a good one and you might hear it played on the News at 6.

Right now, the Howard 100 News would like to know what you like to hear most on Howard's remaining few shows on old fashioned radio.

KUTV Coverage Of Professor

I can't figure out that

I can't figure out that f-ing number... WTF?!?!

There is one extra digit,

There is one extra digit, thats all.

Thanks JG for the quicktime

Thanks JG for the quicktime version of the video I was hoping someone would convert it. I had sent a link to the video to 911blogger but they had not posted it yesterday. I just saw they they did a little earlier today. Good to see you were ahead of the curve. How difficult and what would i need to be able to grab and convert videos such as that original from the channel2 website? I have Quicktime7 Pro.