Prof. Jones Talks to Arctic Beacon

Prim, proper and Republican-looking BYU professor crosses into uncharted 9/11 truth waters. Bush attack dogs lurking around every corner. Watch your back, professor!

By Greg Szymanski

The story of the day in the 9/11 truth world is the prim, proper and conservative-looking BYU physics professor, coming out of the closet with a 19 page report about how the WTC buildings, defying laws of gravity, most likely collapsed due to “pre-positioned explosives.”

Professor Steven A. Jones’ highly provocative and scientifically researched report, concluded the government’s jet fuel theory was inconceivable due the nature of the freefall of the buildings, the towers falling in a matter of seconds within their own footprints exactly like a controlled demolition.
However, on Saturday Professor Jones telephoned the Arctic Beacon, saying he is more than willing to tell everyone why he believes the WTC came down from a controlled demolition and why he is urging the American people to insist authorities open up a fresh investigation.

“I came to the conclusion after several months of serious investigation and after conferring with people like David Ray Griffin and others,” said Jones today from his home in Utah, sounding like a very sincere, honest and forthright person, wanting to get to the truth about 9/11.

“My paper has been accepted for publication and surprisingly I have been met with a lot of encouragement and support from my colleagues at BYU. There have been, of course, emails calling me nuts and crazy but that’s to be expected.”

However, for practical purposes and to help Professor Jones adjust, let’s just say his quiet Utah world has ended forever with his decision to essentially tell the world the government is lying about 9/11. Of course, that’s not what he said specifically, but that’s how it will be interpreted, especially with the administration’s hyper-sensitive view towards those in academia who have questioned the official 9/11 story.

“I just believe we should get at the truth and open up another investigation. What finally tipped the scales for me was the way in which Building 7 collapsed,” said Jones, who admitted coming from a conservative background.
And if history proves right, Jones is now in for a world-wind 9/11 ride, a ride like he’s never experienced before. So professor be prepared to strap yourself very tight to your office chair since those on both sides of the 9/11 issue are going to be pulling and tugging at you, pulling hard in very different and opposite directions.
So, it’s really only a matter of time before he is somehow discredited for his views and only a matter of time before the Bushies pull out of their hats five, ten or fifteen other physic’s professors who totally disagree with him, as endless scientific debates will automatically take center stage for awhile like the many debates on the same issue have transpired in the past.
He then was quoted as saying “at which point everyone around me (at the speech) started applauding.” Even though this is a rather amusing tale, Jones should be prepared for some near death experiences of his own, since crossing the line with Daddy Bush is sometimes hazardous to one’s health.

While doing a search for

While doing a search for info on Jones I got sucked into a blog with a flock of sheep talking of him as some sick twisted disgrace to humanity. I couldnt help but leave a long comment in defense of the truth. People like this dont understand they are the reason the real terrorists have the confidence to continue doing shit like this to advance their agendas knowing the sheep are in a trance and will actually look to the killiers for protection. I plugged some sites as well. I know this might be the equivalent of throwing a penny at a sheet of metal but one person at a time seems to be the only way to open some minds. Anyway I know some of you like to chat so why not stand up for our boy and let these idiots know many consider them the fools. Its Wheres Wing TV when I need them? (just goof'n guys!)

I'll be there...

I'll be there...

* Morgan Reynolds, Former

* Morgan Reynolds, Former Chief Economist under President Bush
* Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Sect. of Treasury under Pres. Reagan
* U.S. Senator Mark Dayton
* U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
* Professor David Ray Griffin, Renowned Theologian
* Robert M. Bowman, Head of Advanced Space Programs for DOD
* Michael Meacher, UK Minister of Environment (1997 - 2003)
* Catherine Austin Fitts, Ass. Sect. of Housing For President Bush
* Stephen A. Jones, BYU Physics Professor

You are sooooo wrong. There

You are sooooo wrong.

There are MANY way to open up the block-heads.

First, you could slightly overstate THEIR argument and go ever wilder until it is so bizarre, that it makes no sense EVEN TO THEM anymore.

So end the exaggeration of Jones's guilt with something funny that will make thejm READ ON... and then say a short, MOST MEMORABLE sentence, that will echo in their minds.

in other words. TROLL your way into their heads.

For an example look at the comments here

it a good download, a great TV programme.